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July 2020 Capricorn Career Horoscope

What do YOU want, Capricorn? July’s stars challenge you to drown out that dutiful inner voice, the one that puts everyone else first and worries what others think of you. Life is not a performance—and if you’ve been living yours as one, it’s time to start pleasing yourself instead. Three planets and a July 4-5 lunar eclipse in Capricorn will firmly remind you to prioritize your own happiness. One of your passion projects could gain recognition, or you could be offered a post of leadership. Or, you could make a decision that nobody really “gets”—but it feels true to your soul. With motivator Mars in your domestic zone, you could get fired up to relocate or make some spare cash Airbnb-ing your place. If you’re working from home like so many of us, invest a few dollars to create an office space where you can focus and do your best work. You might even get inspired to start a side hustle from the comfort of this very nook!

Key Dates:

July 8: Mercury-Mars square
You may bristle when someone walks into the room under today’s tense square between Mercury retrograde and aggro Mars. There could be a reason for this: Is this person’s body language signaling resistance, even disrespect? While you can’t act on hunches like those in the professional world, consider whether your colleague is feeling threatened. Decide if this relationship is worth working on, and if so, try new ways of engaging, like soliciting their opinion—and really listening to what they have to say!

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