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March 2021 Gemini Overview Horoscope

Monthly Snapshot

The cosmic weather is clearing up this March, like a much-awaited celestial spring awakening. As the Sun drifts through enchanting Pisces and your tenth house of career, you’ve got your eye on the future and how to turn your goals into a tangible outcome.
Ready to make some decisive moves, Gemini? This month holds plenty of opportunities to power ahead. Luckily, you can do so at a gentle Piscean pace—especially with Mercury (your ruler), gracious Venus and imaginative Neptune all visiting the creative Fish’s realms at various points this month.
That said, you still want to keep your feet on terra firma. Have your grand visions gotten a bit disconnected from reality? This month will still carry the lingering chaos of a 90-degree square, as structured Saturn challenges disruptive Uranus. After making an exact gridlock on February 17, they’re moving apart, and will connect again on June 14 and December 24.
As a result of this Saturn-Uranus standoff, you could feel a simmering tension between your desire to expand and launch, and weird curveballs that feel almost divinely-timed. If a big plan gets thwarted, perhaps there’s a deeper spiritual lesson or a fate-fueled intervention.
We recently read a divination card that said, “Consider that things are not happening TO you, but rather, they’re happening FOR you.” This is a great mantra to adopt when your genius ideas take an unexpected detour, or things don’t proceed as you want, despite attempts to force a specific outcome. It might also be a nudge from the universe to work a little harder at grounding your goals in a truly bulletproof plan. This is no time to rely on your silver-tongued charms or to fake it ‘til you make it.
Why not get some expert help or mentorship, Gemini? Reach out to your network starting March 20, when the Sun shifts into Aries and your collaborative eleventh house for a month. As the spring equinox brings us balance and a new season, it’s a beautiful moment to connect to your crew and spark up some synergy.

Week 1: March 1-7
Energy renewal!

And…you’re back, Gemini! This Wednesday, March 3, go-getter Mars blazes into your sign, staying until April 23. Since January 6, the red planet has been in a tricky “low power” mode, cooling its heels in Taurus and your foggy, restful twelfth house. Did it feel like someone pushed the mute button on you, Gem? While this could have been a fruitful time for creative or spiritual pursuits, trying to launch anything may have been as easy a pushing a boulder uphill.
The twelfth house rules deception and hidden agendas, and you may have struggled with someone showing their (unsavory) true colors or a breach of trust. Did you have trouble sleeping? Anxious thoughts may have bubbled from your subconscious, either disrupting your dreams or making it hard to power down at night.
Now, it’s a bit like going from the frying pan into the fire. Activator Mars in your sign is like a jolt of energy, which you’ll surely put to good use by unleashing a torrent of ideas and posts and conversations. After two months of being bottled up—as a Gemini no less—the world had better prepare to hear from you! But if you’re expecting to catch up on sleep, forget about it. Mars in your sign will have you burning the candle at both ends. Pace yourself, as you can be a bit short-fused and easily agitated. Aside from that warning, enjoy the surge of motivation headed your way!

Week 2: March 8-14
Planting seeds of success

Had enough of all the workaday workarounds you’ve been forced to manage for the past year? No matter how quick, clever and tech-savvy you may be (and you’re all of those things, Gemini), you’re still susceptible to Zoom burnout, always-on syndrome and no-contact fatigue.
If you’re feeling under-appreciated for your efforts to stay productive, connected and positive, this week offers sweet relief. On Saturday, March 13, the dreamy Pisces new moon beams into your tenth house of career and status, closely flanked by aesthetic Venus and imaginative Neptune.
Release any pent-up frustration and shift into a receptive mindset. Allow the universe (and the people around you) to reveal a path to success, one that’s lined with ease and flow instead of struggle.  Plant inspired seeds that will nurture a fresh start with your work and most cherished projects—and will bear fruit when the Pisces full moon arrives on September 20.
With loving Venus and compassionate Neptune both in Pisces, the best-laid plans for your own advancement may involve being more caring toward your colleagues and connections. Nurture those professional ties, Gemini. Is it time to do something special for your co-workers? (Maybe a just-because gift to tell them how great they are on the International Day of Awesomeness—yes, really—Wednesday, March 10?) If you’re job-hunting, reach out to your network and book a Zoom coffee date with an old contact. Send a thoughtful note and rekindle the connection.
One caveat: Neptune has a reputation for deception and Venus likes to give the benefit of the doubt—and this potentially gullible energy is doubled with both planets in softhearted Pisces. So dream big about a better future, but keep one foot on terra firma. You may feel a bit spacey swimming in the Pisces seas. If you live in an area that observes Daylight Savings, make sure you don’t forget you have to spring forward on Sunday, March 14—which also happens to be Pi Day (for those clever Twins who love to ponder the deepest mysteries of math).

Week 3: March 15-21
Lighten up and reconnect with people

Spring arrives this weekend and in perfect timing, you’ll emerge from hibernation to flap your social butterfly wings—within safe guidelines, of course. During the work week, power through to the finish line with a project or goal, as the Sun spends its final days in your professional tenth house. Success or a career breakthrough are within reach, so prioritize what will get you there and make that your mission.
Then on Saturday, March 20, the Sun enters Aries and heats up your eleventh house of groups, teamwork and friendship. Step away from the grind and get back in touch with your network, from colleagues to friends to contacts you’ve been meaning to follow up with. For the next month, it’s all about “who you know,” and that should be music to most Geminis’ ears.
Your sign is masterful at weaving relationships and playing superconnector. And with harmonizer Venus also visiting Aries from Sunday, March 21 until April 14, your linking (and LinkedIn) should be on fire. Plant those spring bulbs now and you’ll have quite the metaphorical garden!
Sunday is even MORE supercharged because this March 21 also features a high-speed trine ( between activator Mars in Gemini and structured Saturn in Aquarius and your visionary ninth house. Forget about lazing in bed or socially-distanced brunching this weekend. Sit down and hammer out a master plan for one of your brilliant ideas. Write that book proposal, open Keynote or Canva and craft a pitch deck, reach out to a far-flung mentor who can help you shape your concept into a market-ready prototype. It’s time, Gemini!

Week 4: March 2-28
Remember fun?

Let the spring fever begin! On Sunday, March 28, the year’s only Libra full moon beams into your fifth house of romance, creativity and self-expression. Something you’ve been holding inside for quite some time (maybe even as far back as the October 16, 2020, Libra new moon) could come bubbling to the surface.
When that heart-opening moment arrives, prepare for the emotional floodgates to open. That doesn’t mean you’ll be ugly-crying your way into April though, Gemini. The fifth house is dramatic and expressive, the realm of joy AND passionate reactions. You’re just as likely to find yourself laughing out loud (or maybe laugh-crying), shouting or belting out a ballad.
With a fecund full moon in your fertile fifth house, Geminis of the childbearing demographic take heed: pregnancies are powered up during this lunar cycle. Consider yourself notified and proceed accordingly! Not in the babymaking way? You could also “birth” a creative idea. A crush could confess an attraction, or maybe you’ll be the one feeling emboldened by the friskiness of these moonbeams to do the same.
But buyer beware: That joyful Libra moon will be opposite romantic Venus, which is in Aries and your eleventh house of technology, friends and casual connections. Venus in “detriment” in this sign, meaning its usual harmonizing powers are at their weakest.
One possibility? Maybe your crew won’t be as excited about your new love interest as you are. This is definitely NOT the day to test their chemistry with a group hang, especially if a lukewarm reception will upset you. Moon-Venus oppositions make our need for love and approval stronger while simultaneously adding tension to the mix. Save yourself from disappointment and keep a few feelings under wraps if you’re feeling vulnerable or needy.
On the dating apps? Swipe with care, because an instant attraction could quickly sour. In a relationship? Try to balance the heavy romance with some lighthearted fun. Too much expectation is likely to leave you frustrated or even in a pointless fight.
Do take this full moon to really connect with your heart, though. During Aries season, you’re likely to be in your head a bit, so this full moon weekend is a beautiful opportunity to listen to the wild spirit within yourself. Even if it doesn’t make immediate sense or fit your well-crafted plans, take a few notes and put them somewhere safe!

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