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November 2020 Leo Love Horoscope

Can we talk about it? Love planets Venus and Mars are in opposite signs this month, rippling across your communication axis. Thoughts come a mile a minute, and you could be juggling a million projects at the same time. But since multitasking mania is the opposite of sexy, make it your business to find time for a special someone (or to connect with one), however challenging that proves to be.

Venus is in Libra and your local third house until November 21. Single Lions might meet someone through mutual friends or while grabbing curbside pickup dinner. If you need a reason to dress up a bit, this could provide it. Flirting in all forms of media is possible now, so be creative when you’re chatting on message boards or doing Zoom calls and meetings.

The tricky part is Mars in Aries (for the rest of the year), heating up your excessive ninth house while spinning retrograde until November 13. You could be a little snarky, argumentative or just overloaded for the first half of the month. Watch for feeling claustrophobic or limited or that the grass is greener elsewhere. And definitely be careful not to take out this frustration on your S.O. 

Venus will get into cosmic clashes with Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn AND Uranus this month, indicating that a lot of stuff is going to come up and will need to be hashed out, compromised on and negotiated. The diciest one could be on November 9, when Mars and Venus make an exact opposition, something that only happens once every other year. It can be a tricky day for getting on the same page. Stress will be the main culprit of any meltdowns, and it could come out sideways, like you being extra critical or nagging, or trying to coach or micromanage your partner. Do you really want that job?

On November 21, Venus will shift into Scorpio and your homey fourth house until December 15. This is a perfect opportunity to get out of your head and back into your heart and in touch with your emotions. And not a moment too soon!

Key Dates:

November 9: Venus-Mars opposition
Under this disquieting clash, it will be hard to know whether to follow your desires or do your best to maintain the status quo. Singles might be irresistibly attracted to someone you know isn’t good for you (and yet...). Couples could fight over silly things, like a clearly innocent comment or, more seriously, the balance of power in the relationship.

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