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June 2021 Leo Love Horoscope

Venus gets cozy in Cancer on June 2

Your engine is only half-revving at best these days—but don’t worry, the second half of the month will change that. But as June begins, both love planets, Venus and Mars, are doing time in Cancer and your twelfth house of rest, endings and escape. Mars has been here since April 23 and will remain in the Crab’s domain until June 11. That may have found you obsessing over an ex, feeling anxious and a little paranoid, or just caught up in a bit of post-isolation funk. In this powered-down position, Mars can make you feel more frumpy than frisky. But if you’ve been short on self-care or just enjoying your own solitude, it’s an ideal time to be a bit more romantically “off the grid.” For couples, this could be a great time to slip away for a little vacation now that tourist spots are opening up. 

From June 2 to 27, Venus is also in Cancer, putting you in a more receptive and surrendered mood when it comes to romance. You don’t always have to be in charge, Leo. In fact, it’ll feel good to hand someone else the romantic reins this month: give it a try! That doesn’t mean you won’t be called upon for emotional support or comfort, so be clear about your boundaries so you don’t lapse into caretaker mode.

Mars roars into Leo on June 11

That’s more like it! When randy, red-hot Mars bursts into Leo from June 11 to July 29, you’ll experience a once-every-two-years resurgence of feeling attractive, dynamic and desirable. Not that you aren’t ALWAYS that, Leo—but you probably haven’t been feeling like your edgiest self for the past few weeks. Don’t be surprised if you turn heads without trying or are suddenly inspired to revamp your wardrobe (emphasis on “vamp”) and fearlessly strike up a conversation with a sexy someone, or to slide shamelessly into their DMs. Remember, as you unbottle that Leo elixir, that just a spritz can go a long way. You could come across as cocky or argumentative with ego-stoking Mars in your sign—even when you don’t mean to be that way.

Venus joins Mars in Leo on June 27

Luckily, a softening counterbalance comes in when romantic Venus enters Leo from June 27 to July 11. And wow—having BOTH love planets in your sign at once doesn’t happen very often! Take advantage of this sexy and sensual peak period to refresh your love life, your look and everything that makes you feel vibrant and vivacious. In need of new headshots or a wardrobe upgrade? Now’s the time to get camera ready and start posting again!

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