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September 2020 Leo Love Horoscope

Take it nice and easy for the first week of the month, Leo. Sensual Venus is gliding through Cancer and your dreamy twelfth house until September 6. How does a fantasy-fueled final summer hurrah sound? With your sector of R+R activated, you may feel a bit drained and unfocused. Some Leos may be dealing some heavy emotions and are too distracted to think about love. (Perish the thought!)
But all that is scheduled to change on September 6, when vixen Venus commences a three-week catwalk through your sign. This marks your annual romantic “high season,” and you’re sure to be in strong demand. But don’t let it go to your head! Single Lions should treat potential dates with the kind of respect that you “demand.” You’ll be most attracted to someone wise and witty—while also seeking real connection. Attached? Allow your S.O. to spoil you, and plan to do the same for them.
More mojo comes your way courtesy of lusty Mars, who’s on a prolonged trek through Aries (June 27 to January 6) and your upbeat, worldly ninth house. If actual travel isn’t in your summer or fall plans, you can still connect with new people—keep your ears peeled for sexy accents close to home or inspiring people on those message boards. Excitement is in the stars, but note: With Mars here and Venus in your sign, your greatest turn-on may be your independence.
Yet even your outsized passion could wane, or change direction, when Mars drifts into retrograde from September 9 to November 13. If someone questions your fidelity, why NOT be truthful? This could be the start of a whole new era of radical honesty since the ninth house also rules outspokenness.
In the middle of all this, on September 28, Venus and Mars form their annual supportive heavenly trine, and all the retrograde action in the world can’t quash the seductive vibes you’re feeling!

Key Dates:

September 2: Venus-Saturn opposition
Consciously, you may feel ready to get involved with someone or go deeper in an existing relationship. But if you keep doing odd little things that seem to sabotage your best efforts, it’s likely that some unresolved (and maybe unacknowledged) childhood issues are still tripping you up. This once-a-year clarifying opposition might be what it finally takes to get you to take a deep dive into your subterranean inner world—ideally with a professional guide.

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