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May 2022 Leo Love Horoscope

Dive deeper or fly free? The love planets pull you in dueling directions for the majority of May. From May 2 to 28, Venus will trek through Aries and your adventurous ninth house. You’ll crave wider horizons and novel experiences. But until May 24, lusty Mars is rounding out a visit to Pisces and your intense, private eighth house. Another part of you is craving deep attachments and might even be obsessing over a relationship issue. One minute you’re jealous, the next you want space!

While it’s important not to neglect your core emotions or ignore trust alarms, we advise that you widen your viewfinder under Venus’ directive. The bigger your life is, the less likely you are to fixate on what someone else just did or said. Start speaking your own truth, Leo! The ninth house rules honesty, and since Venus is associated with your values, it's a time to get clear about what you want—and need—in your love life. 

Since the ninth house also rules travel, booking a trip, even for a few nights, would do your soul a world of good. When lusty Mars moves into Aries from May 24 to July 5, your independent and adventurous spirit comes out full force. The May 29 tag team of Mars and jetsetting Jupiter could be THE perfect day for a getaway. Grab your favorite plus-one or pack your most head-turning outfits and break free of the familiar.

If a vacay isn’t on the agenda, then head to an event somewhere new or even sign up for a mind-expanding workshop. With the love planets in your metaphysical and curious ninth house, a fresh way of thinking about relationships can attract an entirely different type of partner. For coupled Leos, a mindset shift will allow you to bring out the best in yourself and your person, perhaps helping you appreciate things you’ve started taking for granted in each other.

All your biggest love days, revealed.

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