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September 2020 Libra Love Horoscope

The first week of the month might find you ponderous and goal-oriented, more focused on where things are going than how they FEEL in the moment. That’s because your galactic guardian, romantic Venus, is wrapping up her annual tour of Cancer and your tenth house of career and future planning. “Eye on the prize” is great—in some cases—but if it’s putting too much pressure on you or your love interest (or dating efforts), try easing up and see what happens.
You’ll lighten up considerably on September 6, when Venus relocates to Leo and your communal eleventh house until October 2. This is a good cycle for socializing as a duo, even double-dating with folks in your mutually agreed-upon pod. Single? Use this time to get more involved in activist or do-gooder organizations. But don’t be so hyper-focused on the “serious” bits that you overlook that sensitive cutie who’s been trying to get your attention. What better way to meet someone than through shared interests?
Over in your partnership realm, lusty Mars has been putting down roots as he conducts an extended visit to Aries (June 27 to January 6). Relationships have been intensifying—for better AND worse—so it behooves you to stay on your toes to ensure that your temper, jealousy or even passion don’t get out of hand.
But everything could turn on a dime starting September 9, when Mars turns retrograde for two months. A connection that was gaining steam could fizzle (or evaporate), but bear in mind, when the red planet resumes forward motion on November 13, the embers could spontaneously re-combust! During this cycle, allow ample time for your authentic and sustainable emotions to reveal themselves. You’ll be overly stimulated, and it can be hard to know what you’re really feeling.
A day to watch for is September 28. The cosmic lovebirds sync up in their annual trine, a heavenly 90-degree angle that bodes well for romance and more. Lovers will be reminded of the friendship that brought them together in the first place. Just friends? Lean far enough into the day’s vibes, and you might be seeing a VERY different side to that person!

Key Dates:

September 2: Venus-Saturn opposition
Under this SOS signal from your ruler, romantic Venus, it might be up to you to let the powers that be at work know where your limits lie. You’re hardly a slacker, but you also have a personal life. And recharging your batteries with your nearest and dearest is your most important energy source!

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