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June 2021 Libra Love Horoscope

Venus gets cozy in Cancer on June 2

So...where is this thing going? When your ruler, romantic Venus, enters Cancer and your tenth house of long-term plans from June 2 to 27, you’re in the mood to talk about the future—preferably over a lovely dinner at a quaint, newly reopened outdoor spot. Sunset drinks on the pier and a chat about taking things to the next level, or your shared long-term dreams? Single Libras might want to dress up and go (safely) mingle a bit again. 

But watch that these talks don’t turn high-pressure. With intense Mars in Cancer from April 23 to June 11, any anxiety you might have about your romantic future could come through, which could make the other person back away. Similarly, if you feel pushed into giving an answer before you’re ready, tension could spike. Use the presence of playful Venus to lighten the mood so you can discuss this in an agenda-free zone.

Mars roars into Leo on June 11

Some levity at last! On June 11, intense Mars moves on to Leo and your breezy, social eleventh house until July 29. Freedom is your biggest turn-on now, and you don’t want to be fenced into anything. Couples can have fun co-hosting, entertaining or meeting up with mutual friends—and definitely doing some solo activities with your separate friend groups. It’s okay to miss each other...and that will definitely keep the spark alive during this transit! Single Libras could experience surprising chemistry with a platonic person who you never really thought of “that way” before.

Venus joins Mars in Leo on June 27

Friends becoming lovers is an even more likely scenario once flirty Venus sidles up to Mars, sashaying through Leo and this same casual zone until July 11. Keep things light and no-pressure. You could meet someone by working on a common cause or through mutual friends, likely when you’re NOT all dressed up or actively trying! 

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