Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

January 2023 Libra Love Horoscope

Fun and freedom are your aphrodisiacs this month, Libra! The romantic landscape looks like an exciting one for the start of 2023 as love planets Venus and Mars visit your fellow air signs for most of January. 

From January 2 to 26, your ruler, Venus, is in Aquarius and your heart-centered, hot-blooded fifth house. This should have you feeling confident and passionate, willing to put your feelings out in the open. Be bold about showing your interest, along with your own true colors. The fastest way to find out if someone’s a good match is to be your most genuine, unfiltered self.

Okay, maybe keep a couple filters ON, Libra. Communication planet Mercury is retrograde until January 18 in your emotional fourth house, and you could overwhelm your audience if you come on too strong. This could also bring out a touch of neediness in you or the other person, and, well, clinginess is never a turn-on.

But just wait: On January 12, spicy Mars will end a ten-week retrograde in Gemini and your free-spirited, adventurous ninth house. You’ll quickly shake off that emo spell and regain your perspective. There’s a wide and wild world waiting for you out there, so who has time to brood?

Mars is in Gemini until March 25, so you’ll get busy making up for lost time. Travel plans could bring an air of excitement with the red planet in your global ninth house. You might become a member of the mile-high club on one of your long-distance flights (though classy Libras would probably wait for "wheels down" and a proper hotel check-in before going there). Either way, bringing a swirl of adventure to your love life will have a potent ripple effect. Get out of your comfort zone and watch that sultry swagger return. Laugh, flirt and share your Libra light—you really can be one of the funniest signs of the zodiac! 

On January 9, love planets Venus and Mars will form a harmonious trine, a special configuration that opens your mind and heart. You could find yourself attracted to someone quite different than your usual type or considering a long-distance relationship. Mars will still be retrograde for a few more days, so it’s possible that this is someone you already know. For coupled Libras, this Venus-Mars trine could spark a fearlessly honest conversation.

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