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May 2023 Libra Overview Horoscope

You’re the sign of partnership, Libra, but you’re also born under the air element, so you prefer to keep a certain breezy distance when possible. But not this month! The Sun is in Taurus and your intimate, entwining eighth house until May 21, plunging you into the depths of every encounter. On top of that, communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Taurus through May 14, which could bring old flames and entanglements back into your sphere. Some of those could be financial, romantic or both. In the first half of the month, you may have to decide if you’re in or you’re out—and invest accordingly!

Money is a big theme this month. Not only is go-getter Mars in Cancer and your ambitious tenth house until May 20, but this May 5, the skies serve up a potent lunar eclipse in Scorpio and your second house of income. Your revenues could get revved up from an unexpected source. Lunar eclipses deliver surprises, so stay open to an out-of-left-field opportunity, like a client offering you an unusual assignment or a promotion you didn’t know was available.

The starring event arrives on May 16, when bountiful Jupiter ends a yearlong visit to Aries and your partnership realm and plunges into Taurus until May 25, 2024, putting its magnifying lens on your eighth house of merging, joint ventures and shared property. This could be a transformational year when you explore the realms of sacred sexuality, spirituality and emotional healing. Whatever the case, you’ll be taking every commitment to a deeper and more permanent level—or changing directions entirely.

Things get lighter when Gemini season begins on May 21 and the Sun moves into your expansive ninth house. Pull out of tunnel vision and take a look at the bigger picture—it will be much easier under these optimistic skies! With energizer Mars moving into Leo and your social eleventh house from May 20 to July 10, friends will be there to help you rally and keep you motivated if you lose your steam. Lean into the joy of community and collaboration!

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It’s Taurus season until May 21

With the Sun in Taurus and your intimate eighth house until May 21, privacy beckons. Your social-butterfly sign may feel uncomfortable passing on a festive dinner or missing an epic festival with friends, but the urge to slip off the radar is too strong to be ignored for the first three weeks of the month. You’ll be a bit of an emotional sponge now, making it important that you choose your companions wisely.

On top of that, communication planet Mercury is retrograde in your intimate eighth house until May 14. This is an important time to turn inward and reflect. A far better use of your amped-up intuition is focusing on what’s going on with YOUR life, relationships and long-term financial security. Get to the nitty-gritty of a love connection or burgeoning business alliance. Research investments and find ways to overcome obstacles to abundance, whatever form they may take. 

It might be hard to turn the lens inward and get real with yourself. But by the second half of the month, this introspective path will pay off when you feel empowered and on top of your life. Once Mercury moves full steam ahead on May 14, you'll be in a far better position to take concrete action around all your investments: emotional, financial and otherwise.

Pluto turns retrograde in Aquarius on May 1

Have your relationships gotten mired in unhealthy dynamics, Libra? Shadowy Pluto is retrograde from May 1 to October 10, which could dredge up old drama or power struggles, especially in your personal life. 

Until June 11, Pluto will back through Aquarius and your passionate fifth house, revealing hidden dynamics in your love life. Someone whose intentions aren’t on the up-and-up could reveal their untrustworthiness. Examine your own obsessing (whether over a person or a goal), or take a deeper look at your “attachment style” to make sure you’re cultivating healthy bonds. From love-bombing to love addiction, some of these patterns could show up for you.

Pluto retrograde can bring people into our lives who are messengers, mirroring exaggerated behaviors we may be unconsciously exhibiting. If a selfish, dramatic or demanding person enters your midst, ask yourself, “In what way could I be acting like this myself?”

With Pluto retrograde in Aquarius, you may deal with an ego-tripper or bully. And while you should never stick around in an abusive setting, the stars are pushing you to stand up for yourself. Get support if you need help setting firm boundaries with a person who oversteps your parameters.

On June 11, Pluto will reverse into Capricorn and your family house. It’ll shuffle back and forth twice before returning to Aquarius in November 2024 “for keeps”—well, for the next 20 years (yes, really!). Some of the deeper family dynamics that could be driving some romantic or confidence issues might reveal themselves for one last showdown. Consider this a sneak preview of your next transformational cycle!

Make money moves at the May 5 Scorpio lunar eclipse

Financial changes are incoming! On May 5, the Scorpio lunar (full moon) eclipse beams into your second house of money and security. Had enough of that dead-end job? It might just be eclipsed out of your life. Been longing for a new income source to pay the bills? The eclipse can rev up your revenue. Lunar eclipses mark endings, turning points and manifestations. Ready or not, one (or all) of these things can sweep through your security zone, helping you find new sources of economic stability.

This is the second-to-last eclipse in a series rocking the Taurus/Scorpio axis—and your money houses—between November 2021 and October 2023. The stars are in the process of transforming the way you spend, save, invest and work. There’s a lot of this journey still ahead, so start by making a couple of changes and seeing what happens from there. Your Libra empire need not be built in a day.

Need to do something gutsy? This lunar event could bring a job change, a promotion or an opportunity to raise your rates. A project you've been working on may finally come together—if you've been negotiating rates or wooing a client, you could reach an agreement. (Just bear in mind that Mercury is retrograde until May 14, so read the fine print—twice!) With the burst of confidence you'll download today, you can work up the courage to increase your asking price or pitch yourself to the pros.

Mercury retrograde is finally over May 14

Bring on the serenity! Today, Mercury powers forward after a dicey retrograde that began on April 21, foiling technology, communication and travel for everyone. Now as Mercury corrects course in Taurus and your intimate eighth house, the secrets and subterfuge become more aboveboard. While you can still expect an air of mystery about things, it will be easier to get a straight answer, or at least a trail of clues that leads somewhere. If you’ve been on the fence about an investment, whether financial or emotional, clarity will return. Heads up: Mercury’s “retroshade” shadow phase will linger until June 1, nagging at us with some remaining after-effects. Continue to check the fine print and take your sweet Libra time on any decisions, especially ones that could be harder to reverse later. Better safe than sorry!

Big day! Jupiter enters Taurus for a year on May 16

This month's biggest headliner arrives on May 16, when expansive Jupiter makes its once-a-year transition to a new part of your chart. Jupiter, the planet of luck and risk-taking, will start a 12-month voyage through Taurus and your eighth house of mergers, joint ventures and intimacy until May 25, 2024. How deep is your love? How strong are your bonds? These are some of the questions that Jupiter will put under its truth-seeking microscope.
Since May 10, 2022, Jupiter has been in Aries and your partnership house, and has probably left you with a shiny new perspective on long-term connections. You may have explored teaming up for business or romance, getting engaged, collaborating on a visionary project or inking a major deal. Now Jupiter moves into an even more committed part of your chart, where the rubber meets the road. Marriage, pregnancy, home ownership…the cosmic giant inspires you to take a leap of faith and make one of these momentous moves. 
Jupiter was last in Taurus 12 years ago, from June 2011 to June 2012. If you can scroll back that far, you might notice similar themes emerging. A relationship or financial endeavor that began around that time could now undergo its next evolution. Sizzling sexual chemistry may ignite with adventurous Jupiter in this erotic area of your chart. But the connection could also be one of mind, body and spirit—hello, sultry soulmate! Some Libras could deepen a commitment or possibly part ways with a romantic or work partner, especially if you don't see the potential to grow together. Keep it amicable, divide up the assets and profits fairly, and wish each other well. 
The eighth house rules wealth, windfalls and shared financial endeavors. Over the next year, you could explore new ways to multiply your money through investments, pooled resources and smart allocation. If the words "compound interest" sound like Greek to you now, you'll be Aristotle by next spring. Real estate could be especially lucky, and this year you could buy, sell or increase the value of property. Not sure how? Knowledge-seeking Jupiter inspires you to learn and stretch past your comfort zone.
Financially, the eighth house is the domain of "other people's money"—in essence, anything that's not the kind income you earn from a regular paycheck. With bountiful Jupiter here, you could receive a lump sum via a tax refund or a loan or make some bonus bucks through affiliate sales and commissions. Caution: Jupiter can tempt you to gamble, so be careful about what you put on a credit card or invest in without proper research. 
Don't be surprised if you crave more privacy during this off-the-grid Jupiter cycle. You could be consumed by a detailed project, spiritual study or heavy emotions that need processing. Maybe you've weathered a betrayal and your trust is shaky. It's not easy to feel so vulnerable and exposed, but you can learn a lot from it now. If you haven't fully mourned a loss or transition, heed the wise saying that "you've got to feel it to heal it." Sessions with a therapist or energy worker can help you make great internal progress.

The Taurus new moon is on May 19

Time to go all in, Libra? At the May 19 Taurus new moon, pay keen attention to where you put your time, energy and resources. This annual lunar event falls in your eighth house of intimacy and investments, and it will officially get the new Jupiter in Taurus cycle in gear. A business alliance could heat up, and you may explore a property sale or a strategic money move. Savvy moves could pay off handsomely between now and the corresponding Taurus full moon on October 28, which is a potent lunar eclipse!

Under these erotically charged moonbeams, a potent attraction could ignite simmering chemistry, possibly even a soulmate connection. You’re “far from the shallow now,” Libra. For longtime couples, this new moon can take your relationship to new emotional and spiritual depths. Don't be surprised if talk turns to babies, moving in together, an engagement or some other permanent next step. 

The May 20 Mars-Pluto opposition gets fierce

Attitude alert for May 20: Watch for drama queens and outsized egos (and keep your own tendencies in check there too). That day, Mars moves into Leo and your eleventh house of groups and collaborations, then right away makes a challenging opposition to power-tripping Pluto in Aquarius and your flamboyant fifth house. A fun connection can turn high-maintenance during this face-off. Reminder: Not everyone is a stellar team player or willing to share the credit for their work!
The Mars-Pluto opposition could bring out volatile tempers and reactions, and it will be hard to keep your cool if someone pushes your buttons. Try not to react—or to push theirs! With Pluto making waves in your romance house, there could be ripples of tension in your love life. An attraction to a friend (or a friend of a friend) can create awkwardness.
Choose your words carefully and sniff out the other person's intentions before you make any heartfelt confessions—or accusations. You may be unsure about an attraction, feeling torn between head and heart, or possibly even curious about exploring your options. But have you really thought ANY of this all the way through, Libra? Hash it out with a neutral party before irreparably damaging a bond.
Work collaborations need some careful negotiating, too. Perhaps you'll hammer out what's "mine" and what's "ours" near these dates. Protect your own intellectual property and creative ideas before bringing others on board. For example, don't be shy about asking someone to sign a non-disclosure agreement before revealing your amazing idea.

Gemini season starts May 21

Whew! Need a little break from all that heaviness? You'll get some balance starting May 21, when the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Gemini and your expansive ninth house. If you've gotten obsessive or stuck in tunnel vision, you'll pull your head out of the sand and opt for a 360-degree view. 

The next four weeks are ripe for travel, learning and adventure. Get out of city limits—or at least get unstuck from your comfort zone—and go explore your curiosities! With Mercury retrograde now behind us, the skies are clear for a getaway. And now that worldly Jupiter is in Taurus, you could be seduced into a new area code by a romantic attraction or a lucrative venture. This exploration process could get mighty interesting!

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