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Libra Monthly Horoscope

Your November Libra Monthly Horoscope

Sweet stability is on its way, Libra. It’s been hard to get the anchoring your sign craves for the last several months. From the July and August retrograde of your ruling planet, Venus, to several other retrogrades AND a solar eclipse in your sign mid-October, you’ve been rocked to and fro every time you thought things were starting to settle.
November, thankfully, gives you the chance to finally settle a bit. There are no more whiplash-inducing transits to throw you off-balance. Stay focused on your priorities and get back to your most grounding daily routines. Take a gentle walk between Zoom sessions, brew your favorite morning matcha, take those 80-percent-done projects across the finish line.
For the first three weeks of November, the Sun and energizing Mars are in Scorpio, heating up your second house of money. It’s a productive and profitable time not to be squandered! With regimented Saturn ending a long retrograde in your orderly sixth house on November 4, you’ll be even more inclined to streamline and systematize. Go ahead, Libra—clean, purge and declutter. You’ll have a clear space AND a clear mind to show for it. 
On November 22, the Sun moves into Sagittarius and your interactive, social third house. The holiday season really feels like it’s starting now! Your calendar starts filling up quickly with fun engagements now. Aren’t you glad you buckled down earlier this month? A festive four weeks begins with a possible chance to travel at the November 27 Gemini full moon.
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