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January 2021 Sagittarius Love Horoscope

No more drama! You’ve had an extended period of passion AND intensity thanks to ardent Mars spending six months in Aries and your fifth house of love, creativity and heated emotions. Since June 27, 2020, temperatures may have gone through the roof, which could have made for sizzling action in the boudoir one day, raging fights the next. It’s been exciting and exhausting in equal measure!

Mars will hang out in Aries and your frisky, feisty fifth house until January 6, while romantic Venus is in Sagittarius until January 8 (where she’s been since December 15). The first week of 2021 could be adventurous in the love department. But you still might have a little TOO much fire, which could cause you to come across as aloof or aggressive. 

That changes on January 6, when Mars finally moves on to Taurus and your grounded, sensible sixth house until March 3. As the red planet makes a costume change from sexy eveningwear to athleisure, your attention turns to lavishing some love on Numero Uno. Things slow WAY down, and not a moment too soon. Now you can restore balance and healthy dynamics to any relationships that got too combative. The sixth house rules service and pets, a great time to take a “dating hiatus” and express a more unconditional form of love, especially if you’re single or in need of a break from your S.O. 

What do YOU need to feel grounded and secure? When Venus makes her annual foray into Capricorn and your second house of security and sensuality from January 8 to February 1, tune into your core values. A rare Venus-Mars trine may be stabilizing that you suddenly feel more serious than you have in a long time. You’re able to settle into your own skin and take the time to evaluate before rushing in. Attached? This is a great time for couples to tackle the more practical matters of your shared life, and to have fun doing so together!

Key Dates:

January 9: Venus-Mars trine
Bring on the lasting love! As affectionate Venus and passionate Mars harmonize in stable earth signs, you could have true romance with all the trimmings—sensuality and stability. Skip the “come here now go away” players and their mixed messages. A partner who makes you feel secure is suddenly the most attractive catch in town. Coupled? Mark a long-term relationship with a thoughtful gift to let your mate know how much you cherish them. 

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