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October 2020 Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Ease off that gas pedal, Archer! Passionate Mars is retrograde in Aries and your fifth house of romance and lusty escapades from September 9 until November 13. True, the red planet is on an extended tour of this too-hot-to-handle zone from June 27 to January 6, but even he needs a bit of a breather until the middle of next month. The takeaway: You should, too! If drama in your love life has overshadowed other priorities or you’re finding yourself getting easily agitated with your romantic partner (and, well, everyone), it’s time to slow down!
During this time of backsliding, an ex might come back into your orbit, or an old bone of contention could flare up. Stay cognizant of what’s going on, Sag. What you don’t want to go mindless when there are big lessons to be learned. This is a time to deal and heal.
You can restore harmony by focusing on common long-term goals while Venus is in Virgo and your future-oriented tenth house from October 2 to 27. Remember what brought you together, what you’re building and what you both want. This humdinger of a year has been challenging to many solid relationships, and a little extra effort will go a long way.
A great day to watch for is October 19, when the “benefics,” Venus (in Virgo) and Jupiter (in Capricorn), swing into a supportive trine. This is a stellar day to reconnect over shared dreams and to do something sensual and a little upscale. Make some long-range plans for the future over a luxe dinner (or make a spread at home and uncork something if you can’t safely go out). Need some fresh air in every sense? Enjoy beatific time in nature.
Friends could become lovers, and vice versa, when Venus eases into Libra and your eleventh house of casual connections and technology from October 27 to November 21. But watch for crossed wires and disrupted connections while Mercury is retrograde in Libra from October 27 to November 3. Don’t be so quick to dismiss someone—or to pronounce them your soulmate—before you get to know them in a variety of situations.

Key Dates:

October 10: Venus-Uranus trine
Mix a little business and pleasure today when Venus bats its lashes at experimental Uranus across your career corners. Open up a conversation about your professional goals with your S.O., trading aspirations and advice. Single? The sixth house rules service, so volunteer for a cause you care about. If you meet someone attractive in the process, you’ll already have one passion in common.

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