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October 2020 Taurus Career Horoscope

October is a busy month with lots of little details to take care of—and you’re ready to get organized! With the Sun in Libra and your efficient, analytical sixth house until October 22, a fall cleanup of all your systems will get you back on track. Do that work before Mercury, the planet of technology and communication, turns retrograde (backward) from October 13 to November 3. Mercury’s mischief could mess with your data and complicate contract negotiations. Try to sign on the dotted line BEFORE the retrograde. 

Key Dates:

October 15: Sun-Pluto square
Just because you see something doesn’t mean you’re required to say something! In fact, under today’s slippery clash, it’s better to keep your observations to yourself. With manipulative Pluto pulling the strings, it could turn out that the person you go running to is the mastermind of the whole scenario. Take notes for (possible) future reference, but for now, keep them private.

All your must-know career dates. 

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