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September 2020 Virgo Career Horoscope

Your passion projects and solo endeavors take center stage as Virgo season puts you in the spotlight until September 22. This is your month to shine in all ways, including at work. If you haven’t been asserting yourself or getting the acknowledgment you deserve, ask for it. The squeaky wheel gets the premium-grade oil! You know how to make yourself stand out, Virgo, so don’t be afraid to do that.
Earmark the Virgo new moon on September 17 as a day to launch or start something new. Any bold moves you make will bear fruit between now and the February 27, 2021, Virgo full moon. Plant the crops now that you want to harvest then and tend to them. Start wherever you are, even if you’re a total newbie. Sign up for a class, talk to someone in the field or tap an experienced mentor who can open doors.
But first, how about teaming up for the win? On Monday, September 2, the Pisces full moon beams into your seventh house of partnerships and contracts. Is it time to make a deal official, or perhaps to part ways with a collaborator you’ve outgrown? Spend some time nurturing your network and getting back in touch with your most important contacts. Success IS about who you know, after all.
A productive month begins on September 22, when the Sun shifts into Libra, activating your work and money zone. For the next four weeks, focus on building a stable foundation for yourself and solidifying income sources so you can move confidently through the uncertain times that are ahead for the next few months.

Key Dates:

September 3: Mercury-Saturn trine
Being liked and respected is a rare combo, but you’ve got that cosmic mojo today! As whip-smart Mercury (in your sign) teams up with heavy-hitter Saturn in your charming fifth house, few can resist your powers. Pro tip: Back your clever ideas with meticulous research. Put that into a polished proposal then work your magic!

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