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What’s this week’s horoscope forecast for your zodiac sign? The AstroTwins’ weekly horoscopes reveal what the planets have in store and how to use astrology to navigate the week ahead.

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From October 3 to October 9

Adopt a balanced perspective: Mercury moves into Libra from Wednesday to October 22

Have you been too quick to judge? Reconsider a hardline perspective and adopt a moderate one instead. Mental Mercury visits balanced Libra, reminding us to really hear the other person’s viewpoint before leaping to conclusions or talking over them. Even if you “agree to disagree,” keep it respectful. Diplomatic talks can restore harmony to your relationships. You may be in a rush, but it’s well worth your time to slow down and patiently negotiate. In objective Libra, Mercury wants us to be thorough—that’s what allows us to make fair judgments based on facts, not feelings.

Cozy season kicks into gear with Friday’s quarter moon in Cancer

Wrap that flannel throw a little tighter and pull on the thick wool socks. With the balancing quarter moon in cozy Cancer, the hygge vibes of autumn call us to get domestic. Pause between your social and professional duties to tend to your nest. A solid dose of self-care will bring the Libra season balance you need. Even if you’re a powerhouse who runs on fumes and foamy cappuccinos, you can’t make your personal life an empty tank. Bring inviting elements of warmth and comfort into your space, from new extra-large mugs made by a local artist to piles of textured throw pillows. If your home will be the go-to for fall hangs and movie marathons, stock up on snacks and sips—then start sending out invites for a small gathering. Maybe even an impromptu one tonight?

“Acts of Service” is the new love language as Venus rolls into Virgo from Sunday to November 8

After an extended, four-month strut down the red carpet, Venus leaves hedonistic Leo for healthy Virgo, and suddenly, self-care is sexy. Give your love life a makeover and reboot the routines that restore your glow. If you’re still smoothing over a conflict from the July 22 to September 3 Venus retrograde, this sensible shift can help you come to a new understanding with your partner. Before the holiday festivities begins, it’s an ideal time to adopt a regimen you look forward to, from dance class to kickboxing, and revel in the endorphins post-workout. Pro tip: “Acts of Service” is Virgo’s love language. Lavish your partner with extra TLC and support their dreams with a listening ear or by pulling a little extra weight when they have to work extra hours. Single? With Venus in verbal Virgo, connect over conversation—this deep and discerning sign encourages you to flaunt your intelligence!

Watch for fiery tempers on Sunday when Mars squares Pluto

All’s NOT fair in love and war—especially today, as firestarter Mars and brooding Pluto challenge each other. Resentment, jealousy, possessiveness...pick your “deadly sin” and these two are ready to light a match under it. It will take all your willpower not to let someone push your buttons. If you’re feeling stressed about a relationship, demanding that they have “the talk” will NOT go over well today. Take a time-out and try to release some of those pent-up frustrations through exercise. A good workout will turn anger into endorphins and put you in a much more balanced state of mind.

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