Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope From March 4 To March 10

The Scorpio siren is at the wheel as messenger Mercury drifts closer and closer to dreamy Neptune. By Friday, they’ll make an exact conjunction in Pisces and your uber-romantic fifth house, which could deliver a tsunami of passion to any area of life you feel at least mildly excited about. That’s good reason to ditch your cynical cool and get honest about what (and who) you love. While you might not be at your logical best, you’ll make up for it with the magnetism oozing from your pores. Try to stay aware of who perks up in your presence—and whether the attraction is mutual. It’s not your goal to send kind souls crashing into rocks so you may have to gently divert a fan or two. Since the Law of Attraction is on your side, keep a clear picture of what you want to manifest, even acting “as if” it’s already taking place in your life!
If you’ve been shoving things into corners or drawers—or letting them pile up in your inbox or on your desktop—by Saturday night, you won’t be able to ignore the chaos any longer. Spring cleaning will be foremost on your mind as meticulous Mercury wings into Aries your orderly sixth house. Grab the eco-friendly gloves and cleaning products and hop to it. You might not be able to tackle every corner of your home—and life—this weekend, but if you map out a plan and follow it systematically, there’s a good chance you can knock out your top priorities in record time. But pace yourself—and enlist the help of others. Mercury will be parked here in Aries for an extra-long time, until May 15, due to a potentially chaotic retrograde from April 1 to 25. Trying to DIY or be a one-person efficiency squad could come at too high a “cost,” namely your sanity. Tap Mercury’s community-minded energy and reach out to your own network and neighborhood apps for recommendations. Once you source that electrician and painter, you might find yourself searching for a personal assistant and part-time babysitter!
Home is where the heart is on Saturday—or is that more like, where the heated debates are? With your co-ruler Mars revving through your fourth house of home and family for the past few weeks, you’ve probably been immersed in domestic issues. But on Saturday, the red planet locks into a divisive square with indie-spirited Uranus in your relationship zone, making you feel equal parts stimulated and suffocated. Your overall passion levels are elevated, which can be a real boon if you and bae or your roommates are in sync. But if one (or more!) of you is harboring a grudge, all the frustration you’ve been so “brilliantly” stuffing down may come exploding to the surface under this activating angle. Stay alert to triggering situations and if you sense things reaching a breaking point, leave or disengage. Before you lash out, step away and process what you’re feeling right in the moment. In that moment of clarity, ask yourself: Is this something that can be “fixed,” or might you be projecting some inner angst—or perhaps blowing it out of proportion? Whatever the case, give it time to settle down so you can approach it with equanimity and find an appropriate way to broach the topic—later. And until then? Vent to your journal, have a vigorous workout, or go immerse yourself in deep nature.
On Sunday, romantic and imaginative vibes go from lightly heated to scorching as 2024's only new moon in Pisces cranks the heat in your fifth house even higher. Once again, you'll be feeling your Scorpionic powers of attraction big time! A percolating attraction might finally boil over into a real-deal romance. Or you may be pleasantly surprised to discover who’s been quietly checking YOU out! Sideline any snark and proceed with an open mind. Have you been avoiding the dating game altogether? This new moon can entice you back into the pool. And since the fifth house is also your fertility sector, Scorps with bambinos on the brain might receive exciting pregnancy news within a month of the new moon. Got other goals? Make art for art’s sake! Your efforts could capture the attention of an agent, rep or director. But pace yourself. You’ve got until the corresponding full moon (and lunar eclipse!) on September 17 to reap the rewards of the seeds you’re sowing now.

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