Taurus Weekly Horoscope

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Taurus Weekly Horoscope from June 21 to June 27

If money’s been funny this spring, take heart, Taurus. This Tuesday, June 22, frenetic Mercury ends its exasperating three-week backspin through Gemini that may have triggered some economic uncertainty. Your appetite for luxury was never meant to be tamed, but if your retail behaviors are verging on "Dionysian," you’d do better to lean in to the Greek philosophy of stoicism while your bank account rebounds. (Oh, the character-building power of moderation!)

As the messenger planet resumes forward motion, keep a watchful eye on your spending—especially if you've got a big savings goal. Before you and your platinum card go rushing off to the mall or visiting your favorite online boutique, take inventory of your closets and drawers. With some practical (and discerning) magic, you may find you already have everything you need. In fact, you might have MORE than you need, in which case, spin those threads into gold by selling them on eBay or hauling them to a chic consignment shop.
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With Mercury's pivot, your income forecast brightens, but don't sit around and wait for manna to fall from the heavens. Update your LinkedIn profile and resume and circulate it. Happily employed? What would it take to make you even happier? Train your eyes on the next rung of the ladder. While Mercury is jetting ahead in Gemini until July 11, see if you can't snag a raise, bonus or fancy new title. Don't wait for opportunity to knock. Create your own dream gig.
And while you’re visualizing greener pastures, how about expanding your search radius? Thursday's full moon in Capricorn and your worldly ninth house activates your wanderlust. While you probably had to sacrifice the vacation vibes during last year’s transit, you may feel ready to make up for lost time. Book the airline tickets or pack up the camping gear and take that much-needed breather. If you can't literally get outta Dodge at the moment, start planning your next voyage in earnest. Having the commitment in place—even if takes a while to save up—will make every day feel a lot less mundane. Work travel could crop up or you may learn of a long-distance opportunity that has “Taurus” written all over it. Cast a wider net in all that you do this week because you might find your fortune in another city or continent.
Given that this is a full moon—and more of a manifestation than an initiation—you might finally be ready to unleash an entrepreneurial idea that's been bubbling since the January 13 new moon. And who knows? Your morning meetings might even take place virtually since you could partner up with people all around the globe. Fortune favors the bold under these moonbeams and it's safe to take a gamble. But choose your travel mates—and all collaborators—wisely, because illusory Neptune embarks on its annual retrograde from Friday until December 1. With the boundary-challenged planet backing up through your tech and teamwork zone for five months, keep everything a little more gated, from your friendship circle to your personal data!
On Sunday, your ruler, glamorous, romantic Venus, joins dance partner Mars in Leo, hibernating in this zodiac den until July 21. With your domestic instincts activated, your aesthetic eye will radar in on all the less-than-chic corners of your home. If budget allows, sanction a few practical upgrades. Would a “workhorse” piece like a dresser or sofa make all the difference in your space? Since the fourth house is the female-identified segment of the zodiac wheel, game-changing women could appear to shepherd you along your path. And, since Venus is the planet of love, they could serve as wingwomen if you’re single—and emotional support if you’re not. This Venus circuit may spice up your cohabitation game. Is it time to give bae a spare key or shop around for a love nest? Put these talks on the table. Coupled Bulls, fire up the power drill and bond over a home-beautification project.

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