Increase Your Gemini Joy: A sign by sign guide to a magical month

gemini joy

Gemini is the sign of the Twins, so it’s all about multiplying the good stuff. So, how can you double your pleasure while the Sun visits Gemini until June 21? Here are some fun, practical ideas for every zodiac sign.


Gemini rules your third house of groups, friends and local action. Your mantra for Gemini season, Ram, is “the more the merrier.” Reach out to new friends. Introduce your crew to your favorite hotspots in the ‘hood. As the zodiac’s trendsetting first sign, you’re always the first to discover, if not start, the latest craze. Let others have a taste of your magic!


Double your money? Gemini rules your work and finance house, so team up with others to multiply profits and productivity. Start a Mastermind group to kick an entrepreneurial idea into high gear. Link up with a synergistic colleague at the office. Luxury is also starred now. Find a new signature scent, like the sexy Le Labo line (


Game of dress up, anyone? Your first house of appearances is lit up like a pinball machine, so honor your multifaceted nature by rocking some dramatically different looks. (No need to change your name to Sybil, even if you DO have more personalities than her eponymous book described.) Refresh your image, post some #OOTD shots and make friends wonder if your Insta feed’s been hijacked!


More, more, more…rest? Gemini lords over your sleepy and spiritual twelfth house, so double-down on the soothing activities. Front-load your shuteye scheduled by going to bed a couple hours earlier, perhaps while a guided meditation plays in the background. Take some personal days and head to the nearest body of water. Kick it old-school and renew (or get) a library card—then pack a few thick novels in your beach bag. Ahhh, bliss.


Teamwork and tech get top billing during Gemini time. Multiply your mojo by collaborating. Throw a party for a cause with 250 of your closest friends. Got a viral video or two in you? Fire up the digital SLR and record a vanity project (you know you secretly dream of your own music video, one that would put the ARK Music Factory to shame) or your own online talk show. Snag tickets to Digifest ( to see YouTube’s favorites live and in person.


The term “power play” takes on new meaning, as you channel your inner dominatrix slash Christian Grey, and toy with some tantalizing dynamics. If it’s all in the name of good clean (and consensual) fun, who says you have to be 50-50? Can we get a cat-o-nine-tails whipcrack on that? That’s true inside AND out of the boudoir, Virgo. With the Gemini Sun heating up your tenth house of leadership and authority, how about ENJOYING all those accolades and hard-won credentials? Frame your degrees, list your awards on LinkedIn, strut your successes!


Live and uncensored: it’s Libra! While your conflict-averse sign tends to be polite or sidestep anything difficult (until it’s too late, of course), we issue a fun challenge for Gemini season. While the Sun is in your outspoken ninth house, say what you mean, unfiltered. Be tactful but truthful. You’ll find that your relationships are a LOT more fun when you keep it real now. Gemini also rules your long-distance travel zone. How better to increase your joy than packing that sexy resort wear into your weekend bag and heading off on a far-flung jaunt?


Fifty Shades of Scorpio? Yes please! Gemini rules your eighth house of sex, intimacy and shared assets. Double your fun by making multi-orgasmic your mantra. Or, tap into the wealth-wielding power of the eighth house (which is the natural domain of Scorpio, by the way): Check out the site to learn about investing, look into real estate possibilities, find affiliate opportunities to increase your passive income.


It takes two to make a thing go right—at least while the Sun is in your opposite sign of Gemini. Put your fiercely independent ways on the shelf for now, and find your playful partner-in-crime. If you’re in a relationship, don’t operate like two passing ships. Pool your skills and talents to get the job done faster, or to come up with an epic adventure that you designed together. The victory is so much sweeter when you’re clinking champagne flutes with your favorite plus-one!


Wanted: a wingman/woman! Practical pursuits don’t have to be grueling when you have company. Team up with a fitness buddy and try a healthy eating or fitness program together. Invite a friend to hang out with you while you tackle a major task—sometimes, just having another presence around while you empty the storage room, organize your income tax paperwork or paint the wall can be soothing—and motivating. Make it a barter, and take turns playing cheerleader/anchor with a friend who also needs to finish something up.


Sequins, feathers, glitter, oh my! The Gemini Sun heats up your passionate and theatrical fifth house, bringing out your inner Gold Dust Woman (or Man). Instead of fading into the crowd, play up your presence. Court the spotlight with some head-turning antics and outfits. Romance is also highlighted. Make “increase the piece” your mantra by dabbling in dating multiple people at once if single, or planning more lusty adventures with your mate.


Home is where the action is! Gemini rules your fourth house of roots and domestic matters. Pump up the pleasure factor with potluck cooking parties, cocktail soirees or savvy salons, hosted at Maison du Pisces. Spending time with beloved family members (especially female) can get you into the kind of giggling fits you haven’t had since you were snuggled up for a childhood slumber party. On that note, why NOT host a sleepover with your favorite friends? Break out the board games, fire up the ghost stories, light the bonfire and roast some marshmallows.

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