Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Engaged & Compatible!

Congratulations to Aquarius Jennifer Aniston and Leo Justin Theroux, who got engaged in New York City this week. The couple met on set and have been dating ever since. Lucky for them, the stars point to a lot of compatible elements between their charts!

Aquarius and Leo are opposite signs, which can either mean they attract or repel each other. (Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were a Leo and Aquarius.) In the best cases, opposites can balance each other out nicely, each one bringing something that the other needs.

For Aniston and Theroux, there are a lot of other cosmic compatibilities. His moon is in Aries and hers is in Sagittarius, which are both fire signs. The moon determines how we respond emotionally, and having moons of a common element (in this case, fire) can even override issues of oddly-matched sun signs.

Venus, the love planet, is also nicely matched between their charts. She has Venus in Aries (the same sign as Justin’s moon, a double blessing). He has Venus in Leo, making them both warm, passionate and expressive of their affections. No need to play the ice queen with this guy — a fiery Leo with Venus in Leo and Aries moon wears his heart on his sleeve, and doesn’t mind if his partner does the same!

Justin Theroux also has sexy Mars in Aquarius, the same sign as Aniston’s sun. This boosts their attraction, and will also help with fertility if they decide to try for a pregnancy. She has Mars in Scorpio, which, while in a tense square to his Mars (which can create a kind of dynamic chemistry) is in the same sign as his Jupiter. They both have an intense, intimate and private side to them, along with an expressive one.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing kinder tabloid covers of Jennifer Aniston soon. After seven years of Brangelina comparisons, this may put those rumors to rest for once and for all. That is, as long as they don’t set their wedding dates in the same season.

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