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Your July Numerology Forecast, Revealed

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Our resident number-guru Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist, joins us on Astrostyle every month to give you a new kind of forecast, one that will complement your Monthly Horoscope.

To find your monthly Numerology prediction, you have to do a wee bit o’ math to calculate your Personal Year Number—see instructions below—which influences your whole year (from January 1 until December 31). Tap into the energy to plan your month ahead!


Find your Personal Year Number for 2015

• Take your birth date (for example): 3/25/1984
• Now replace the year you were born with the current year: 3/25/2015
• Now add those numbers together like a long addition math problem:
3 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 18
• Digit down to a single-digit number, so keep adding: 1+8= 9
• If this were your birthday, you’re experiencing an “9” Personal Year in 2015

Read more about your 2015 Personal Year here.



If you’re having a 1 Personal Year
July is an 8 Month:


July is one of the two most dynamic months in the entire year. (The other is September if you’d like to pencil that in on your calendar.) It’s a clarifying “push” month where you’ll feel energized to move forward with power and persuasion. Thinking business and in business-like terms will be beneficial as you prime yourself for unparalleled achievement. Action is the theme for July. Understand that you’ll be required to step into your sense of self-confidence and personal power. It’s time for strong and decisive moves forward—possibly on July 2nd or 9th—most likely in relation to business or financial matters.

If you’re having a 2 Personal Year
July is an 9 Month:

July’s a “cleaning house” month on several fronts. This is the time to finally release an old association, activity, or relationship that has outworn its usefulness. You’ll suddenly realize that the effort you’ve been putting into sustaining it has been well spent and now you can give yourself permission to say goodbye. This can be a relationship. A project. Or even just a way of reacting to a particular reoccurring issue. With that scenario, this could be the time where you finally reconfigure the way you continue to deal with your inept boss, your meddling sister, or any other person with whom you have a repeating pattern of difficulty. Think of July like an all-soul “facial”—exfoliate, pamper, and regenerate.

If you’re having a 3 Personal Year
July is a 1 Month:


A wave of new direction comes in to play in July and it feels oh-so good. An uneasy feeling that you have to wait for the right time or for that right moment is now evaporated. New opportunities open up around July 7th. Yet also understand that the way in which you want to work with them or incorporate them into your life may feel somewhat indefinite, if not downright uncertain. If you can step away from enabling this relationship, you’ll find that you can open some doors in your own life that you wouldn’t be available to walk through if you were too preoccupied with taking care of someone else’s business. This is the month to have faith in yourself and in your relationship with the universe. Stand up for yourself gently yet boldly.

If you’re having a 4 Personal Year
July is an 11/2 Month:


July is a turning point. Although it might not feel like it—you won’t be able to see how important it is for you until you look back with hindsight in a few months—or maybe even at some point next year. Temporary delays that you hadn’t expected may hold up several ventures between July 9th and 20th. July is also a Master Number 11 month, so there’s intensity surrounding virtually everything. New insights gained now may turn out to be of considerable importance during the latter half of 2015. The number 11 is all about illumination—and there will be moments of illumination in every interaction you have in July. Look for synchronicities, be open for messages and tap into your intuition.

If you’re having a 5 Personal Year
July is a 3 Month:


Did someone say vacay? No matter how hard you try, digging into something really serious in July might elude you. From July 2nd through the 20th, express joyful creativity as you participate in unusual, unique or unexpected experiences that land in your world. It’s also a time for fun and frolicking with old and new friends. Say “yes” to parties and other social gatherings. Enjoy your family and allow time for special activities with children, particularly around July 11th or 18th. Within all this activity, there are important inspirational ideas or connections with new people that will lead to something positive in your future. It can be romance, a new job opportunity or something totally off the chain. Be open to the new and unexpected.

If you’re having a 6 Personal Year
July is a 4 Month:


July is a practical month. As if this whole year hasn’t been filled with enough “duty” as is, right? 2015 is a year devoted to taking on added responsibility on the home and family front. Some of last month’s lighter activities may spill over into the beginning of July. Yet know that from July 3rd to 18th, there may be a good deal of responsibility for you to take care of, primarily related to your home and family. Be ready to provide a bit of comfort for people in your life. Remember that simply being a non-distracted and focused listener is all that’s needed. You’ll be tempted to fix it, to provide “the” answer, and yet, that’s not what it’s all about. Just listen. It’s that simple.

If you’re having a 7 Personal Year
July is a 5 Month:


July feels like a welcome jolt of energy after a rather arduous June. Even though you’ll continue with the underlying theme of contemplation, study, and inner reflection, July offers a welcome respite from the somewhat serious nature of the year. Give yourself a “hall pass” to spend part of July by yourself with contemplative activities. This may come to fruition as travel with a “learning” focus to it—perhaps an actual sabbatical. Yet you’re also feeling a bit restless and—let’s face it —somewhat discontent at times. So don’t let these feelings derail you. As a matter of fact, use these feelings of unease to engage in some deep self-analysis. You’re at the apex of an emotional breakthrough.

If you’re having an 8 Personal Year
July is a 6 Month:


July offers you a bit more in the responsibility realm. There are some adjustments to be made and some sort of problem to be solved in July. Remember that honey goes down better than carbolic acid, so keep your interactions on the sweet side. Make sure to take care of any commercial or financial matters related to your various enterprises, particularly around July 9th. Step up and resolve any legal or insurance problems related to your home. This is the time to commit to getting some construction or remodeling work done around the house. Proper care and maintenance—your time is now!

If you’re having a 9 Personal Year
July is a 7 Month:


Even though it may feel absolutely awkward, July is a “sabbatical” month for you. You’ll want to spend time alone this month, particularly between July 9th and 18th. You’re at the mid-point in your 9 Personal Year, which is all about completions and letting go. “Surrender” is the theme. More importantly—and this is a challenge—it’s the time to close out situations and relationships that need to be terminated because they’re hampering your progress. Be prepared to let go right now if a project, person or interest is drifting away or has simply become outgrown or outdated in your life. Allow yourself to experience the strong feelings you have to face on or about July 11th or 27th. You’ll find that if you push yourself this month, you’ll end up paying a price for it. Rest. See if you can “unplug” for a bit throughout July.



Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 10.08.26 AMFelicia Bender, Ph.D is “The Practical Numerologist” and the author of Redesign Your Life:  Using Numerology To Create The Wildly Optimal You. To learn more numerology from Felicia, order custom reports and book a reading, visit www.FeliciaBender.com


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