Learn Astrology with The AstroTwins: 5-Week Teleclass

So many of you have asked us if we teach astrology classes. We’re so thrilled to announce that yes, we finally do! This October, we’ll premiere our first teleclass, which takes place every Monday from 7-8:30pm EST.

We’ve partnered with Hay House, the best in class for delivering empowering, spiritual content, to bring you a 5-week online course, Become Your Own Astrologer: How To Use Your Chart to Create a Life You Love.

Your astrological chart is your personal owners and operator’s guide; the blueprint to your soul and the key to your happiness. It explains your “factory settings”—and once you understand those, you gain amazing personal power and free will. Working WITH your natural strengths, not against them, allows happiness, prosperity, and satisfying relationships to flow.

Now imagine you had that instruction manual in your hands…and could actually read it.

That’s what we’ll teach you to do in this course.

Each week, we’ll train you in the practical astro-basics, giving you our star-powered secrets and shortcuts for decoding:

* Your Own Chart — understand how you’re wired, and how to read your own birth chart
* Love & Relationships — how can you be happy with almost anyone?
* Money & Career — what should you do for a living and how can you prosper happily?
* Life Purpose — what are you on this earth to do?
* Compatibility — with friends, family, bosses, colleagues, anyone
* Divine Timing — how to work the stars to your advantage.

There will be tons of bonus goodies, live Q&A sessions and helpful materials you can keep forever!

The cost is $199, but we’re offering an EXCLUSIVE EARLYBIRD RATE OF $149 until September 15. Register now to reserve your seat!

See you in class!

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