Jupiter in Leo

The planet of luck and expansion visits dramatic Leo from July 16, 2014-August 11, 2015.

It’s showtime, people! In July, expansive Jupiter takes the stage in theatrical Leo, ruler of self-expression. Living out loud, wearing our hearts on our sleeves, and turning up the dial on the “me” channel? During the second half of 2014, it seems that everyone will want to turn heads and be heard. On the upside, some fearless outspokenness could be refreshing (a la bawdy showbiz star and Leo Mae West, whose career spanned seven decades).

Hollywood could have another heyday with lucky Jupiter in this attention-loving sign, but we’ll need to watch for egregious egos and lavish overspending. Jupiter’s last visit to Leo was in August 2002, which sparked the “super-couple” trend when the high profile romance between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, both Leos, inspired the media to anoint them Bennifer.

While luxury goods, the arts and high-end brands could have a heyday—economic instability be damned—here’s hoping we don’t have to endure another Harry Winston 6.1 carat pink diamond escapade…or box-office bombs like Bennifer’s Gigli. Jupiter rules abundance and Leo loves attention, but as we learned last go-round, too much of a good thing can cause us to sizzle then fizzle.

Leo rules the heart and spine, so here’s hoping that our more generous world leaders find their backbones and begin leading from a place of soul and compassion. In our daily lives, Jupiter in Leo can inspire us to put more soul and passion into all that we do. Say it one more time…with feeling!

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