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Your Libra Season Wellness Horoscope

Guest astrologer and wellness alchemist, Stephanie Gailing, MS, shares her wisdom for staying healthy during every solar season!

The Sun shimmies through harmonious Libra from September 23 to October 22, helping us all tap into the diplomatic, equitable and relationship-oriented qualities this star sign represents.

During this month-long cycle, you can foster vitality through fun and healing modalities. Try these self-care strategies to thrive during Libra season.

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Libra Wellness Mantras:

  • I strive for peace
  • The true source of beauty is within
  • Work/life balance is important to me

Libra Stress-Reducing Allies:

  • Social engagements with friends
  • Arts and cultural events
  • Diplomatic gestures and actions that inspire harmony

Libra Season Body Love

In wellness astrology, aspects of your anatomy align with the zodiac signs. Those that are associated with Libra are the lower back, kidneys, and skin. Libra is also associated with blood sugar regulation.

Support Back Health

It’s a great time to focus on your back, with massage or acupuncture being wonderful options, especially if you find yourself bending over backwards for others! Pilates and Gyrotonics may help strengthen and fortify your back if you want to try a fitness option. Good workspace ergonomics can also help, so upgrade your chair or try a standing deck. Remember, too, that unsupportive shoes—yes, we’re talking about those stylish high heels—can be tough on the back if worn too frequently.

Stress Reduction

Surround yourself with beauty. This doesn’t have to be an expensive prospect! Treat yourself to some flowers, light an aromatic candle you’ve been saving, listen to music or find another low-price luxury that infuses more grace in your life. A stroll through a museum or a style blog, a new magazine or catalog, could be inspiring now.

If it’s interaction you need, call a friend or host an informal, impromptu party. While solo activity can be rewarding, find joy in chit-chatting with a BFF or meeting a group of friends for a festive dinner party.

Eat Meals with Graciousness

Amping the aesthetics on your plate can be soul-nourishing, and Libra season is the perfect time to beautify your dining experiences. Pretty plates and serving pieces add a touch of luxury to the simplest meals. Enjoy wine from a crystal glass instead of a Solo Cup. Use candles, placemats and napkins to transform your kitchen table into a dining table, whether it’s a multi-course dinner party or takeout.

Foods to Consider: Artichokes and Berries

Artichokes are a food associated with Venus, the planetary ruler of Libra. Eating artichokes can be considered a sensual act, and the taste and texture of both the petals and the heart are delicious. This fact wasn’t lost on the ancient Romans who held artichokes in high esteem for their reputed aphrodisiac properties. In addition to being luxurious, they can also help fine-tune your health as they are a good source of folic acid, fiber and potassium. And while this multilayered vegetable may seem complex to handle in the home kitchen, it is quite simple to enjoy.

Bursting with color, berries are another Venus-ruled food. Their sweetness can add a candy-like pop to a recipe. They are also a satisfying alternative to sugar-laden desserts. Sweet berries are considered a low to medium glycemic index food, and therefore won’t cause an upswing in blood sugar levels like many other fruits. With deeply vibrant hues that reflect a concentration of phytonutrients, berries offer a wealth of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients, like fiber and Vitamin C.

Libra Season Self-Care Ideas

Flower Essences: Scarlet Monkeyflower and Scleranthus

Scarlet Monkeyflower can help you honestly connect with and express your full range of feelings during Libra season, so you can maintain emotional equipoise.

If you find yourself swirling in the winds of indecision, try scleranthus. It is known for encouraging decisiveness and strengthening inner resolve. It is also a remedy that some use for seasickness.

Spa Treatments: Sugar Body Polish and Facials

A sugar body polish is a great wellness treatment for Libra season. The granular texture of sugar helps slough dead skin cells. Sugar also contains glycolic acid that adds to its exfoliation properties. Polished skin looks and IS healthier; it can breathe easier and shed impurities more readily. Pre-made polishes are on the market or try DIY versions by mixing together brown sugar and coconut oil. If you want to level up, you could add colorful and fragrant ingredients.

Even if beauty is only skin-deep, it’s still important to take care of your epidermis. Facials can help your skin glow and have you feeling radiant inside and out. If you can’t get to a spa, it’s easy to do one at home. Cleanse your skin, use an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skins cells, and apply a warm, wet washcloth to your skin to open your pores. Use a mask that’s skin type-appropriate (clay for oily skin, gel for dry skin), and then generously hydrate your skin by applying a swathe of moisturizer. And, of course, avoid picking your skin or squeezing your pores; it’s tempting to do but usually does more harm than good.

Relaxation Practices: Feng Shui, Partner Exercise, Poetry

The desire for balance isn’t limited to our relationships during Libra season, it extends to our environment. It’s hard to attain inner alignment if our surroundings feel out of whack. To enjoy a deeper sense of harmony, add a touch of Feng Shui to your living and/or work space. Known as the Chinese art of energy flow, Feng Shui uses color choice, furniture positioning and auspicious items to clear blocked energetic disturbances in rooms thought to be obstacles to acquiring good fortune and optimal health.

Looking for an additional spark of motivation to help you get in shape? Instead of going solo to that yoga class or taking a walk alone in the park, invite a friend. Or try a partner dance class, learning one of the rhythmic duo dances like tango, salsa, or Kizomba dance. Dance gets the blood pumping, and it could jump start a romance!

Lastly, infuse your life with poetry now. Reread favorite poems or explore new ones. For daily inspiration, sign up for Poets.Org’s “Poem-A-Day“. If you feel called, try your hand at writing one!

Disclaimer: This information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or healthcare provider.

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About Stephanie Gailing


Stephanie Gailing is an astrologer and wellness consultant with more than 25 years of experience. Her unique approach weaves together astrological insights, lifestyle strategies, and dreamwork, providing clients with stellar life guidance. The co-host of the So Divine! podcast and the resident astrologer at the Healers online platform, Stephanie is the author of Planetary Apothecary and the forthcoming The Complete Book of Dreams. Based in Seattle, she also frequently travels to New York’s City, and works with clients all over the world.

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