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Libra New Moon: 7 Rituals to Plant Seeds at the RARE Black Moon

libra new black moon 2016

Pause, reflect, rebalance: The Black Moon in Libra will rise in the skies on Friday, September 30, 2016, marking the second new moon to fall within the same month.

This potent Libra new moon is also a Black Moon: similar to a Blue Moon, which happens when a second consecutive full moon occurs within the same calendar month. The Black Moon is indeed a rare cosmic occurrence—making September an extra dark month since new moons are invisible—and we won’t “see” another one until 2019. Contrary to what some may believe, the Black Moon does not signify the “end of days” but rather, a powerful, second chance to plant seeds of intention for what we’d like to harvest over the next six months at the corresponding Libra full moon on April 11.

The Libra new moon (Black Moon) marks the halfway point of the annual horoscope cycle, since Libra, the star sign of beauty and balance, is also the zodiac’s midpoint sign. It’s a time for looking back at what has recently come to pass, but also to look ahead. As the seventh sign symbolized by the Scales, we ought to measure our progress using the Libran gift of judgment to craft a thoughtful and balanced plan going forward. 

Libra is more than just balancing two opposing forces: It’s taking the time to weigh options, to step back from “doing” mode, and observe the whole vista ahead before making a move. Libras get a bad rap as procrastinators, yet the refusal to rush lets Libra savor the moment—a skill we’ve largely forgotten in today’s fast-paced world that’s always on the go.

The new moon (Black Moon) in Libra this week picks up the rose-colored baton from the Sun-Jupiter trine that occurred in Libra on Monday, September 26, which marked one of 2016’s best days for harmony in our relationships. If you thought you were better off alone, think again! The urge to merge is strong all week long—for business, creative coupling and romantic affairs. Let the negotiations begin!
Even better: With Mercury officially out of retrograde since September 22nd, we are in the clear to discuss deal points, draft contracts, or even put a ring on it. Remember: New moons are starting blocks, so there’s no need to rush to the signing table or the altar. In fact, this Black Moon comes with a warning label: Choose your “other half” wisely!
The Libra new moon (Black Moon) sounds a cosmic wakeup call to take a more considerate approach—to strive for greater mutuality with the people in your life (think: interdependence, not codependence). So spread a little of that good old-fashioned Libra peace, love and harmony, sprinkling more beauty to every facet of your life.
Here are seven practical rituals to bring more balance and beauty to your life at the Libra new moon/Black moon:

1. Take stock of your “crops.”

Libra is the first autumn zodiac sign, marking the start of fall and harvest season. Take stock of what you’ve been working on, and of where you’ve put your energy since the spring. Do you like what’s growing in your metaphorical garden? If you were hoping for apples and you got squash, retrace your steps. Yep, it was you who planted those squash seeds, wasn’t it? Identify where the U-turn happened, deal with it, and then course-correct. If you’ve kept a calendar, go back to see where you’ve been spending your time and energy. That can be incredibly telling.
For instance: If you wanted more money in the bank and it’s just not there, or you hoped to move but you’re still staring at the same cracked walls, look at where you’ve been directing your attention. Did you get consumed by menial tasks or sidetracked by personal drama? Untangle yourself from anything that doesn’t bear the fruit you’re craving to cultivate. Then be super-intentional about what you take on from here as you move forward.

2. Just say…“maybe?”

Feeling pressured to make a decision? Refuse to cave. At the Libra new moon, it’s okay to wait and see. If you’re applying the heat to someone else, simmer down. “No” simply means, “no…for now.” Sometimes, when a “no” is heard and honored, it can turn into a “yes” down the line. Let go of all agendas today.

3. Discover your go-to look.

Style can be stressful when you’re busy, and dressing up can even feel like another part-time job. That extra hour of matching, accessorizing, makeup application and blow-drying can be a real weight on an already overloaded schedule.
Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of art, beauty and sensuality. The Libra new moon reminds us that taking time to adorn yourself can be pleasurable, even a ritual escape from all the intense, achievement-focused energy of the day. It may seem frivolous when you’re driving kids to practice, cramming for finals, or hammering away at a massive deadline. But this Libra new moon insists that you’re worth the extra time!
But are time challenges making you style-strained? Our friend and life coach Lois Barth suggests creating a “uniform”—a simple, go-to combo—to cut down stress when you face your closet. Like: structured top, skinny jeans, boots…GO! Or: scoop-neck shirt, leggings, flats, colorful bag, DONE.
At the Libra new moon, give yourself a little style overhaul. Enlist a fashion-savvy friend to help. What can you toss or donate? If need be, pull your whole wardrobe out, lay it on the bed and assess. Libra knows best: when you look good, you feel good. You carry yourself with more confidence and your energy attracts opportunity. You communicate your personality to the world through your style.

4. Channel your inner diplomat.

Libra rules the zodiac’s seventh house of committed partnerships. It’s all about balancing between “me” and “we,” and finding terms that work for everyone. The Libra new moon gifts us with diplomacy, so we can truly step in the other person’s shoes to understand his/her needs.
This week, we need to hash things out, be great listeners, and to create a win-win wherever we can. There are your needs, the other person’s needs, and also the greater needs of the relationship, which is like a third entity. Lay those all out on the table and assess. Just know your limits. Sometimes, trying to please everyone can mean pleasing no one in the end.

5. Refresh your relationships.

The Libra new moon brings a cosmic reboot to the realm of relationships. Even the single-and-loving-it types may feel a sudden urge to merge, or at least to find a little more companionship in their lives. Couples: Lay down your swords and put a stop to the lovers’ quarrels. This new moon helps us compromise, cooperate and co-create. This may require some outside support like a mediator, coach or couple’s therapist, but finding that middle ground is the name of the game. Are we effectively sending out signals when we want our partners to pay attention to us?

John Gottman, author of The Relationship Cure, did extensive research on what he calls “bids for connection,” the verbal and non-verbal cues we send out to our partners in a desire to connect and keep the relationship flowing along. Our ability to communicate our desires and needs in a loving way is essential to a healthy relationship. According to Gottman, happy couples will place their “bids” up to 100 times in a ten-minute span. Take his quiz to find out where you lie on the bidding spectrum and where you might need to make some adjustments.

6. Beautify your life.

Venus, the ultimate love goddess and aesthete, rules the skies this week. Beautify something, even if it’s the tiniest touch. Buy flowers for you dining room table. Invest in the nicer bottle of wine. Buy that turquoise ring from a street vendor. Paint an accent wall in your home. Arrange an eye-pleasing tablescape on your desk. Pretty takes you far now!

7. Strike a balancing (yoga) pose.

When your mind is all over the map, use your body to bring back the balance. Do a few sun salutations or head to a class where you can work it all out on the mat. Here are five yoga moves to help you de-stress. Although they were originally suggested during Mercury retrograde, they can come in handy anytime you’re seeking a dose of Libran calm.
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