Aries: Wendell The Love Dachshund


Dear Wendell,
I’m an Aries with an incurable lust for bad boys. I know better and I give all my friends advice that totally contradicts my own behavior. Why do I keep falling for the sexy, tattooed rebel instead of a nice guy I can take home to mama?

Dear Aries,
Your sign is ruled by Mars, the spicy planet of war, passion and competition. You probably sense a kindred spirit in those bad lads. Aries need a little challenge! My advice? Look for a guy who shares your adventurous spirit but is still trustworthy — someone loyal but spunky (just like a miniature dachshund). Remember: just because a guy can be counted on doesn’t mean he has to be boring, or even tattoo-free. Gemini, Aquarius and Sagittarius are great signs to try.