Gemini: Wendell The Love Dachshund


Dear Wendell,
I’m a Gemini and have the weirdest relationship with a Pisces. For about 4 months, we’ve been in this cycle of flirting and then nothing happening. We spend 5 out 7 days together. We exchange 40 emails a day. When I go somewhere by myself, people ask, “Where’s John?” We even had a play fight for 20 minutes with fly swatters the other day. Normal people would wind up giggling and making out, but us? Noooooo. Will this platonic boyfriend deal ever end, or is a Pisces thing? Help!

Dear Gemini,
There’s definitely something “fishy” about this Pisces, but it’s clear he’s got you hooked on his line, too. Pisces are highly sensitive and self-protective. Fearful of rejection, they can be slow to open up. As a thick-skinned, adventurous Gemini you may not understand this firsthand. Your sign rules communication, and you fall hard for someone who’s in constant contact. Most Geminis bore easily, and enjoy a mind game or two. Do you really like John, or just the thrill of the chase? (I know—I’ve driven myself nuts trying to get my paws on a treat, only to find out it was dry and tasted like liver!) You could be caught up in a torturous Gemini-Pisces dynamic, since both signs often want what they can’t have.

I asked a Pisces male friend to explain. “Simple,” he replied. “I don’t like her, but I keep dragging it out because I don’t want to hurt her. I don’t know how to tell her in a gentle way, so I just keep hoping she’ll break it off.” Aha! Pisces is the sign of guilt and compassion. Somehow, this “logic” makes sense to them. We bet it doesn’t register with cool-headed Gemini, though. Our advice? You’re the sign of the Twins, so tap into your need for variety by dating a few other guys. Maybe John is just insecure, and if he finds the guts to step up to the Gemini challenge, great. In the meantime, stop putting your life on hold for someone who can’t give you clear signals. The only person you should spend this much time with is a serious, committed boyfriend.