Leo: Wendell the Love Dachshund


Dear Wendell,
I’m a Leo and my boyfriend is a Sagittarius. Why when we fight does he never completely apologize? Why does he still do the things he knows I hate even when he knows I hate them? Am I a total fool to stay with him?

Dear Leo,
As Jennifer Aniston said about her Sagittarius ex Brad Pitt, “There’s a sensitivity chip missing.” While Angelina may disagree, this does sum up the main issue with Sagittarius men. They’re fun, sarcastic and adventurous — which is great. They can also be blunt, boorish and distracted by a million different projects and interests (no offense, Mom).

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the celestial body that every other planet revolves around. Translation: you need a guy who’s all about you. You want to be romanced and praised, made to feel like the center of the universe. While Leo and Sag are both compatible fire signs, you definitely need a Sagittarian who’s sown his oats and found his life path. Otherwise, you’ll always be competing for his attention—against his goals, hobbies and even other women. Consider your Sag honestly. Leos are happiest when adored, so don’t settle for less than minor worship!