Libra: Wendell the Love Dachshund


Dear Wendell,
I have a deep attachment to a man and I know he feels the same way. He is a Leo Horse and I am a Libra Tiger. Will it work out?

Dear Libra,
Jackpot! You’ve scored doubly, in both Western and Chinese astro compatibility. The Horse and the Tiger are a supreme match. Whenever there’s a big age difference in couples, chances are they’re a good Chinese match. Leos and Libras also do well together. However, this is often more of a friendly vibe, more than explosive chemistry. Romance usually blossoms through friendship or a great conversation. But it may take a little push to get out of the buddy zone and into the passionate lovin’ you crave. Try one of my favorite techniques: snuggling. Both of your signs love affection, so there can never be too much expression in that department.