Pisces: Wendell the Love Dachshund


Dear Wendell,
I’m a Pisces, and for my whole life, I’ve been a moody person. No amount of therapy has changed it, so I’ve decided it’s just how I am. And that’s great, as long as I’m alone. But I’m scared people will think I’m a downer, and will pass me over for a perky cheerleader type. How can I make room for my moody indulgences without turning prospective dates off?

Dear Pisces,
You’re right: Pisces is a water sign, which means you have powerful emotions and moods. That’s why you can be so compassionate to others’ suffering. You know what they’re going through! Just as a dachshund can’t be a Rottweiler, you can’t be Merry Sunshine every day. Remember: not everyone wants that! There’s a lid for every pot, much like there’s a perfect owner for each dachshund.

Go into your next relationship armed with this self-knowledge. Let people know you have days where you need some solitude (every Pisces does), and that it’s not a personal rejection. It’s actually how you stay balanced; by diving into your depths, swimming around and coming up clear. The beauty of astrology is that it helps us understand how we’re wired, so we can work WITH it, not against it. Every human being has quirks and needs. The more you embrace yours, the safer your next partner will feel to reveal their own. Only then can you build a real relationship, where each person has the freedom to be who s/he is.