Sagittarius: Wendell the Love Dachshund


Dear Wendell,
I’m a fun, adventurous Sag guy who works too hard and isn’t meeting anyone new to woo. How can I open up my world and meet potential mates?

Dear Sagittarius,
Workaholism is the #1 Sagittarius addiction, and it’s good that you recognized it. It’s funny how your sign can be this total party animal, but also obsessed with your career and gazillion projects. Your sign is represented by the Centaur, a half-human half-horse mythical creature. Translation: you were born to be wild. In fact, you get a lot more done at work when you make time for play.

Fortunately, you probably have at least 5,000 hobbies and interests. Pick two and commit to a solid block of time to enjoy them every week. Just as dachshund owners sometimes have to prod my breed off the couch, once we’re all dressed up and trotting about town, everything is fine. Take a class, go dancing, sing karaoke, make dinner with friends. Tap into your playful energy, and you’ll awaken that adventurous spirit that attracts an abundance of admirers!