Scorpio: Wendell the Love Dachshund


Dear Wendell,
I’m a Scorpio and my husband’s mom keeps meddling in our relationship. How can I deal?

Dear Scorpio,
You’re the sign of power and control, and in your relationships, you want ALL of it. You can’t stand anyone messing with your carefully-planned life, especially a person you don’t deeply trust. As a dachshund, I understand. I pretty much run the household, and my owners know it!

Since mother-in-laws come with the package, I recommend doing something un-Scorpio-like and getting to know yours more intimately. This will require opening up and sharing yourself on a more personal level. (For hints, you might want to read our Mother-In-Law Matcher!)

I can hear your mind screaming, “No! What if she uses that information against me?” But that very suspicion may be exactly what’s causing her to meddle. Remember, every mother wants to make sure her child is happy. If she thinks something’s going on below the surface, she may be alarmed. Earn her trust and offer her some of yours. With a little generosity, you can cultivate a smoother relationship AND have the privacy you crave.