Taurus: Wendell The Love Dachshund


Dear Wendell,
I’ve been struggling to accept this: I make more money than my boyfriend. I work my butt off at a law firm while he struggles as an undiscovered actor. Most days, he barely finds the confidence to audition, and sleeps until noon. I love him, but I’m getting sick of footing our bills. Am I being unsupportive?

Dear Taurus,
No way! Your sign rules material security, and it’s a bottom-line must for any happy Taurus relationship. You’re an earth sign, and you need a grounded, stable lifestyle. (A touch of luxury goes far with you, too.) Because you come across as a provider, you may attract deadbeats looking for a meal ticket. Sounds pretty unrewarding to me. If you want to take care of a dependent, I suggest visiting your local pet store and bringing home an adorable miniature dachshund!