Manscoping: Will His Sign Win Your Heart or Break It?

manscoping: how the men of every sign love you

Hot fun in the summertime! With the solstice arrived and Cancer season officially here, the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are in full swing. We’d bet that, just like us, you’re wondering whether some sizzling summer nights are in store for you this year.

For all 12 signs, the love forecast this past spring may have been dull to say the least. That’s because passion planet Mars has been retrograde since April 17 and putting a damper on our mojo. But things will start to heat back up again soon on June 29, when the feisty red planet powers forward into direct motion into seductive and secretive Scorpio, where it will remain until August 2.

Mars in Scorpio heightens sexual intensity, and—if you’re into the fellas—revs up the one-on-one time we’ll be spending with our favorite guy(s). But it also ups the risk factor because hey, if you’re gonna play the game of love, there’s always a chance you could get hurt. Since Mars governs the masculine realm and “dude energy,” why not learn to speak the language we call “Manstrology“—and to understand the astrology secrets that make the men in our lives tick.

We teamed up with our partners Pop-In@Nordstrom to crack the elusive man-code and help restore any communication breakdowns or sensual mishaps. We created “Manscoping,” a guide to each of the 12 star signs for every hombre—and the ways they’ll either win your heart or break it. Why wait until June 29 to get things up and running again? Click here to read the full Manscoping post…then delve into our own Manstrology: His Sign in Love section here. Let’s hear it for the boys!

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