March Monthly Horoscope: Passionate Disruption

March is the month of passionate disruption.

What do you stand for…and why? The planets in March invite us to question our long-held beliefs and values. Some of those cherished ideals, it turns out, may have gone a bit stale. Others are actually worth preserving and defending, even if they’ve fallen out of fashion. But how do we know which to keep? That’s the dilemma we’ll all be sorting out this March.

The crux of this conflict is because we are undergoing the final Pluto-Uranus square—the last in a seven-part series that’s been occurring since June 2012. A square is a 90-degree angle that forms between two planets—an angle of conflict, clashing agendas and tension. It demands that each planet compromise, which is easier said than done. Like two world leaders from diametrically opposed nations, nobody wants to give an inch, which ratchets up the tension.

Volatile Uranus is the planet of radical change and it’s in trailblazing Aries. Meantime, controlling Pluto, in old-guard Capricorn, makes us dig in our heels. Pluto and Uranus are both slow-moving outer planets (yes, we still consider Pluto a planet), so luckily they only come into contact like this every 80 years. On March 16, they will reach the boiling point of their standoff, which can be felt all month and into April.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Where has my “non-conformity” become a cliché or an outworn habit?
  • What do I have biases or prejudices about in my life or the world? (Hint: Think of the group or person that triggers you the most and follow that trail)
  • Where am I being a rebel without a cause…and with one? Is it worth the battle?
  • Am I struggling over something that I can let go of? Where else in my life does this struggle show up?

Choosing your battles becomes even more tantamount after March 14, when mature and disciplined Saturn turns retrograde (backward) in Sagittarius. Pull the brakes on anything that’s barreling along too quickly in your life. Fast moving plans may need to be stalled and evaluated sensibly.

Luckily, a moment of enlightenment arrives on March 20, at the compassionate and surrendered Pisces new moon. Not only is this a potent supermoon, it’s also a total solar eclipse, which brings sweeping change and bold new beginnings. With the healing and imaginative powers of Pisces, we may all wonder just why we’re gripping so tightly to our agendas. Prepare to loosen your grasp and allow new and higher-vibe energy to flow in.

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