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5 Ways to Handle Jealousy and Anger at the Mars-Pluto Square

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Intensity alert! On December 6, warrior Mars and controlling Pluto will get locked in a combative 90-degree angle called a square. This rare standoff between two of the most hotheaded planets (yes, we still think of Pluto as a planet—icy dwarf status or not) could provoke some aggressive energies that flare without warning.

Mars is the planet of open aggression while Pluto rules hidden agendas. Buried hostilities could erupt. Passive-aggressive vibes could also abound since Mars, the planet of war, is in conflict-avoidant Libra. Now, with Pluto in the crossfire (and unpredictable Uranus still loosely squaring Pluto also), there are a lot of volcanic energies being stirred.

On a personal level, the Mars-Pluto square can awaken conflicts that have been brewing below the surface. Didn’t know someone was mad at you? You could find out rather abruptly. Rudeness, short fuses and bad manners are par for the course. Brace yourself—it could happen to you.

Here is the Mars-Pluto effect and how you can best handle these charged energies that we’ll feel in the next few days (and may already):

1. Make friends with your jealousy (and even your ego).

Steam coming out of your ears? Issues of jealousy and control could erupt in interpersonal relationships, as the Mars-Pluto square incites a competitive vibe. These two planets can awaken some primal energies, even ones of fear and scarcity, causing us to compare ourselves to other people.

But what is jealousy, really? It must serve SOME useful function or it wouldn’t exist. In our search for wisdom on the topic of jealousy, we found a lot of (frankly) shallow writing, filled with New Age platitudes. Choose love over fear! Jealousy is ego, so just send love to your enemies! Release the negativity!

While there is some merit to this, it doesn’t cover the whole issue.  Apparently jealousy is the “cooties” of the emotional world that nobody wants to touch. It’s low-vibe and ugly. But our chart has four planets in Scorpio (moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) and we KNOW from jealousy…so this feel-good fodder just doesn’t cut it for us.

Apparently jealousy is the “cooties” of the emotional world that nobody wants to touch.

The best post on jealousy we found was this one by humanistic psychologist William Pennell Rock. He describes jealousy is an existence issue, suggesting that it’s triggered by feeling disconnected from our true power. That’s more like it. It’s not a fatal character flaw; it’s a signal that needs to be rerouted. The real problem with unresolved jealousy is that it causes us to sit in pain. But what if jealousy is just a messy rough draft of a polished, evolved perspective? If we explore our jealousy instead of shunning it, we might find that insight.

Let’s also unpack the whole “ego=bad” notion that’s become popular these days. When we are disengaged from our highest purpose, the ego DOES kick in and try to take over. It fears that we won’t survive—even exist—unless it starts running the show like a panicky event planner at an overcrowded Bar Mitzvah. “Look at me! I’m awesome! I’m better than you! I’m invincible!” But what if we just viewed the ego as a misguided helicopter parent, instead of a threat to our “higher selves.” It means well, the poor thing. It’s trying to help, but it’s accidentally smothering us and stunting our growth.

Here’s an exercise we like to do: Instead of rejecting the ego, we acknowledge its presence and thank it for its caring service. Then we tell it, “It’s okay. I’ve got this. You can relax now.”

If something triggers you during this Mars-Pluto square weekend, investigate and find the hidden wisdom. Ask the universe to guide you to helpful and healing tools. As long as you’re in good hands, the ego won’t need to seize the wheel.

2. Protect yourself, don’t project yourself.

Now let’s talk about revenge, which is another byproduct of a Mars-Pluto square. This aspect CAN stir up our tendency to project pain onto others. There’s a thin line between love and hate, and you’ll feel it, as any fears or anger in a relationship are exacerbated.

Virile Mars and seductive Pluto could bring sexual and emotional energies rising up in a complicated way. You may feel this via a strong attraction or “pull” toward a difficult person. Maybe there’s a toxic dynamic, or you feel thrown off your center around this person. Perhaps you lash out at your loved ones, pointing fingers and flinging accusations. We may even want to burn a bridge.

Is it them…or is it you?

But is it them…or is it you? That could be the riddle of this Mars-Pluto square. Pluto rules the “shadow” side of human nature—those parts of ourselves that we’ve disowned and rejected. If you feel bad around someone—competitive, withholding, shut down, locked in a power game—something else could be going on. Rather than shoot the messenger, explore the feelings that are coming up. They could also be valuable guides to your personal growth.

3. Ponder the cycle of life and death.

Mars rules life-force energy while Pluto is the shadowy ruler of death and reincarnation. We may feel pulled toward fighting and letting go, or even have some visceral spiritual experiences.

I (Ophi) am writing this post as I sit beside my beloved Aquarius aunt Carolyn, my second mother, whose battle with ovarian cancer took a seeming turn for the worse last week. Tali and I flew from New York to California on our birthday (December 2) and have been here since. While she seems to be improving, we had some intensely honest conversations about death, the soul and reincarnation. “I’m losing my life force,” were her words as we gathered around her hospital bed. She sent our mother and uncle to pick out a cemetery plot. The rabbi visited. I filmed a video to play at her funeral. We all said goodbye just in case.

But we also called in the spiritual healing big guns. Our amazing friend Kerri did a distance Reiki healing. Our medium friend Vanessa gave a reading and our poet laureate pal Myke offered aromatherapy. Friends from our aunt’s Dr. Joe Dispenza seminar organized a worldwide meditation. And her life force energy has come back a bit. Go figure.

Somehow, facing the Plutonian inevitability of death—looking it square in the eye—allowed for the possibility of life again. Yes, it was and is scary. But the Mars-Pluto square reminds us that death and life are interconnected. We’ve found it helpful to think about reincarnation: books like Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss and Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani occupy important places on our shelves.

4. Do something about gun control.

Tragically, we’ve already felt the Mars-Pluto square in the past week, with the devastating mass shooting in San Bernadino, California. As more gruesome details emerge, we see the worst manifestation of this intense aspect. It’s also yet another wakeup call that this problem has become an epidemic.

The Mars-Pluto square could lead to concrete action and (hopefully) legislation around gun control. Want to take action? Here’s how to contact U.S. Congress by state. This New York Times piece about Australia’s successful gun regulation policies is also eye-opening. There’s no easy solution, but we can do our part to create change.

5. Restrict your reactions.

The Kabbalah has a practice called “restriction.” In a nutshell, the idea is that when you’re feeling a reaction brewing—anger, jealousy, anxiety, fear—you restrict yourself from acting on the emotion until you’re in a less charged-up state. It’s like holding yourself back before you throw that punch. According to this theory, restriction allows the light of consciousness to enter you. Cue the trumpets: Healing and miracles can take place. And best of all, you don’t hate yourself afterward.

Squares can create messy cleanup jobs, so please try to manage your reactions if possible. We’ve already failed to take our own advice this weekend, so we’re considering moving into a cave for a few days (half-kidding). Yes, even astrologers get their asses cosmically handed to them under skies like these. We’re already picking out a mop and a bucket for mid-December amends.


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