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A Poem for Mercury Retrograde in Pisces by Our Poet Laureate

We’re regularly delighted by one of our readers, U.K. performance poet Myke Kofi, who writes the most stunning verses inspired by our horoscopes. Talk about flattering! Here Myke shares his lyrical cosmic insight on Mercury retrograde in Pisces.

Mercury Retrograde Pisces

by Myke Kofi

A deep, deeper dive into the emotion ocean;

Mercurial trickster dissolving communications.

A trickle of raindrops, opening the floodgates;

unleashing torrents, revealing shadowy reprobates.


Typhoons and tsunamis, storms and tempests;

And showponies’ tales of their scantily-clad conquests

Like Piscean Stormy Waters, eye-popping in her 36DD cup;

Retrograde Mercury kissing ass, the only way from this is UP!


Mercury retrograde Pisces: reversing your daily flow;

Mars in Taurus: obeying speed limits; retreating into the slow

lane of real life

that’s gotten hectic electric


Farewell Uranus in Aries!

deeper sighs for the astro collective.

Releasing resentments, long-held grudges;

Piscean dreams, ephemeral subtle nudges.


An unfathomable time for the sharpest Virgo analysts;

Channel the muse with mizChartreuse’s Piscean amethyst.


In this year of the wild boar/Earth Pig: Oink!

every retrograde moment, an endless Groundhog day;

Retrograde Mercury baiting Pisces in every which way

Hook, line and sinker!


Remembering “to err is human, to forgive is divine”

Your Pisces peace in pieces? Reemerge feeling sublime.

For when dreams become a nightmare submerged in your hair

Slow. Deep. Breaths. Over and over, reciting the “Serenity Prayer”.

Photo credit: Stocksy

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© Myke Kofi 2019 for AstroStyle.com

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