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Moon Mapping 

G U  I D E D   B Y   T H E   A S T R O T W I N S

It's the first new moon of 2020...

F*** magical thinking. 


You need to be grounded in order to manifest.

Introducing a new system of intention-setting 

that doesn't leave you 

overwhelmed, scattered or freaked out. 

When we set resolutions, we often forget to ask: 

What do I need to feel clear and secure? 

Join us to update your inner "security settings."

Let's create a resolution revolution.

In this free online workshop, you'll attune with your moon sign to lock in your 2020 focus and action plan.

Get unstuck. Shift your mindset. Moonifest!

T H E    T I M E    I S   NOW. . .

Go beyond wishing. Harness your lunar power.

Still fumbling to find your 2020 focus? 

According to astrologers, the New Year doesn’t really start until the first new moon. This year, that lunar lift arrives on Friday, January 24 (at 4:42PM EST), in innovative, team-spirited Aquarius.


January 24 is also the eve of the Lunar New Year—and the start of the Year of the Metal Rat—making it a doubly motivating date! A Metal Rat year calls us to be resourceful, enterprising and faithful to our support circles.


Join us on Friday, January 24 at 2:00pm EST for our FREE online event.

We’ll guide you through an exercise that will help you uncover THE best action plan in all the areas of life that are meaningful to you:

  • Love and relationships
  • Career and money 
  • Family, home and friendship 

Got beyond wishing and intention-setting. Through Moon Mapping, you'll uncover your desires AND the contribution you want to make on the planet.

Use the moon sign in your birth chart as your "security GPS" to guide you to success.

Plus: Get an exclusive invitation to The Portal, our new community debuting February 2020.

A new way to set intentions, powered by the planets.

Use your moon sign to rewire your "security settings" for confidence and clarity.

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“How I started your program: I don’t know how.

How I ended: I trust myself enough to know that I can figure out how.

“Your expertise provided me with such powerful and practical value. Pivotal to my journey.”

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Meet Ophi & Tali — The AstroTwins

Dubbed the “astrologers to the stars,” identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, known as the AstroTwins, are professional astrologers who reach millions worldwide through their spot-on predictions. Through their website, Astrostyle.com, Ophira and Tali “bring the stars down to earth” with their practical approach to astrology. They are the official astrologers for ELLE and the authors of multiple books. Featured by Good Morning America, the Today Show and the New York Times, they've collaborated with major brands including Coach, Nordstrom and Revlon. Their celebrity readings have reached the likes of  Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, Karlie Kloss, Emma Roberts and Sting. Drawing on their own success turning a hobby into a seven-figure global brand, Ophira and Tali now teach a growing audience how to use their birth charts to build businesses and careers they love.

Your lunar power awaits.

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