New Year’s Resolutions for Every Sign

Ready, set, goal! January 1, 2014 will feature a new moon in driven Capricorn, the master strategist sign. Before the champagne flutes have been emptied and the calendar pages turned, many of us will already have our sights set on a major milestone or two Amplifying the future-focused effect, the Sun, communication planet Mercury, romantic Venus and penetrating Pluto are also circulating through Capricorn. There’s nothing light or casual about the dreams we’re weaving for 2014. But watch out: lest we become too ruthless about it, there’s a cosmic intervention from intense Mars in Libra, which will form a tense square (90-degree angle) to the new moon and Pluto. Libra is the sign of relationships, so perhaps Mars is sounding the alarm—don’t steamroll others in your quest for that holy grail.

Mark your calendar for July 12, 2014, when a Capricorn full moon will bring the seeds you plant on New Year’s Day to fruition or a turning point. For an in-depth look at what 2014 will hold for your zodiac sign, download our 2014 Planetary Planner.


With the new moon in your tenth house of career and long-term goals, you’ve got your eyes on the corner office, a lifetime achievement award or a prestigious coup. You want recognition for your hard work, to be known as an expert or leader in your field. And why shouldn’t you? Mars in your partnership house reminds you that behind every star is a best supporting castmate. Don’t overshadow that devoted person who’s been the wind beneath your gossamer wings.

Practicality? Bah humbug. The new moon illuminates your expansive ninth house, giving you a thirst for adventure. Travel, publishing, study or new horizons will appeal to you more than security. You might even start 2014 with the urge to take a big gamble. Stressful Mars in your detail-driven sixth house reminds you not to throw ALL caution to the winter winds. There are administrative details to address before you pack your carry-on and race off for a standby flight to Burma. Take a leap of faith…but pack your parachute!

Peel and reveal. With the new moon in your eighth house of intimacy, you’re dissolving false layers and delving into the deeper realms of emotion and spirit. The eighth house is all about merging, so you could set sights on an engagement, a pregnancy, a joint financial venture or something else entwining. But knock knock, Gemini: are you getting lost in that cozy cocoon a deux? Mars in your playful fifth house reminds you not to get SO caught up in your private world that you stop expressing yourself. How boring the world would be if Geminis went radio silent. Speak up—the world needs to hear your novel ideas, too!


Make it a double. The Capricorn pileup in your relationship house has you thinking it twosome terms. Your plans center around collaborations, for business or love, and you’re ready to make it official. Or, you might be particularly pressed to create goals that mesh with your mate’s. But red-hot Mars in your fourth house of home, family and emotional foundations waves its flag. You can’t take care of everyone else if you don’t nurture yourself. Some Cancers might even feel a twinge of baby fever, while your partner is less keen on the stork stopping by. Stand up for what YOU want in 2014, too, Cancer.

With the Capricorn new moon in your health and organization house, you could be up early on New Year’s Day, ready to hit the gym, declutter your entire house or tackle some other narrowly-focused goal. In fact, you may be all about business this year, with your sights set on exactly what you want. While precision is important when you’re trying to manifest, don’t forget to let the universe be your co-pilot. Mars in your third house of kindred spirits and communication reminds you to step back and let others play a hand, too. Instead of trying to control the situation or do it all yourself, open a dialogue and even team up. Just because you CAN do it all alone, doesn’t mean you should.

Watch The AstroTwins give 2014 tips for every sign on Seattle King5's New Day NW.Pin

Watch The AstroTwins give 2014 tips for every sign on Seattle King5’s New Day NW.

Express yourself! The new moon in your outspoken and passionate fifth house gifts you with a playful and dramatic flair. This year, why not step into the spotlight and let your dazzling personality take the stage? Virgos get a bad rap as being boring pencil pushers, but you’re actually quite hilarious. What could be in store for 2014? Romantic adventures, a creative renaissance and more fun. Just watch your budget. With aggro Mars in your money and work house, duty won’t just drunk-dial you…it will blow up your phone. Mind your priorities, even as you let yourself be spontaneous.

Nesting, anyone? The Capricorn new moon in your fourth house of home and family sparks a cozy and domestic vibe. Your resolutions might center around family, babies, self-care and creating more security overall. You might even search for a snug place to call home. But before you tie on that fuzzy bathrobe or slip into satin mules, wait. Go-getter Mars is in Libra until July 25, reminding you that you’ve got a big public role to play this year. Nurture yourself and your loved ones, but not at the expense of your star power.

You’ve got a lot to say, Scorpio, thanks to the Capricorn new moon in your third house of communication and ideas. In fact, you might go off the rails with all the ideas you have cooking for 2014. This new moon could make you a marketing whiz or fill up your dance card, reminding you how important friendships and networking really are. Make room for collaborations and synergy in the coming year. Just carve out room for rest and healing. With Mars in your sleepy twelfth house of closure, you’ll also need to honor your limits and set healthy boundaries with all the colorful (but sometimes exhausting) people you’ll meet. It never hurts to check references, too, as there could be a couple of flaky or even shady ones in the bunch. Screen ‘em before accepting that Facebook request or inviting anyone into your private life.


Capricorn rules your second house of work, money and stability. You may be the zodiac’s adventurer, but this year’s goals will center on financial security. You want to build a nest egg, simplify your schedule and prioritize. Indeed, that will line the path to a more predictable life, which (perhaps for the first time ever) sounds pretty enticing. You’re also eager to regain any lost confidence, and this new moon will help you remember your value. Just don’t get so mired in the day-to-day that you stop dreaming. With Mars in your visionary and free-spirited eleventh house, you need to plant one foot in the present while the other dips a toe in unchartered waters.

Take the crown, Capricorn—2014 belongs to you! With a new moon and a planetary powwow in your sign, it’s time to pursue your personal goals and agenda now. The stars align for you to put yourself first, and don’t you dare feel guilty about that either, o’ dutiful one. As you enjoy a more “carpe diem” vibe, you’ll still need to attend to your responsibilities, alas. Go-getter Mars in your career and long-term goal house could turn your professional life into a hot zone. Just don’t slip into total “company man” mode. Aim for that brass ring or coveted title, but make time to be the star, not just the dutiful soldier.

A mystical and healing year is in store, as the new moon lights up your twelfth house of the subconscious, creativity and closure. A good part of your work will be letting go of limiting beliefs, toxic influences and shabby or shopworn parts of your life that no longer serve you. Hey hey, ho ho, the outworn stuff has got to go. This could be the year you visit an ashram, expand your family or just enjoy more solitude. But don’t disappear into that bubble. With motivator Mars in your ninth house of travel, adventure and learning, you need to maintain contact with the wider world—and the curious part of yourself. After holing up in the studio or tending to a loved one’s needs, pack your bags for a well-deserved getaway!

The more the merrier: that’s your mantra for 2014. With the Capricorn new moon in your social eleventh house, the New Year smells like team spirit. Look for ways you can join forces with avant-garde thinkers now, both in person and virtually since technology is highlighted, too. The cucumber-cool eleventh house also helps you detach from drama, rather than getting sucked into its quicksand. Amen, Pisces! Just take a break from the crowds (and social media) to reconnect with your spirit. Mars in your intense and inward eighth house warns that you could soak up other people’s energy like a sponge. You’ll need regular escapes to detox from all of that intensity.


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