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November Monthly Horoscope: Connecting the Dots


In November, the puzzle pieces come together.  From the investigative intensity of Scorpio season to a groundbreaking Saturn-Uranus trine on 11-11, a clear picture of 2017 could finally start to form.

As 2017 starts its outbound journey, life has gotten pretty surreal. This year has packed more plot twists, intrigue and shady dealings into a single calendar than the whole Real Housewives franchise combined.

But where is it all leading? Is there a method to this madness? Could relief be in sight?

Buckle up, because November could bring some clarity, both to our personal lives and the world stage.

For starters, global Jupiter is settling in to its first full month in Scorpio. The planetary truth-teller dove into the sign of sex, mystery and power on October 10, launching a 13-month probe that will last until November 8, 2018. On a personal level, an era of self-discovery and powerful mergers is underway. How can we blend our energies for mutual good and gain? And where do those lines blur into something that’s not so comfortable?

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the mythological god of the underworld. It’s also the sign that rules collusion—the “shadow side” of Scorpionic merging. In news headlines, outspoken Jupiter here has already dredged up everything from Harvey Weinstein’s chilling sexual assaults to Paul Manafort’s indictment on #MuellerMonday. With the Sun also in Scorpio until November 21, this is the tip of a pretty large iceberg—one that threatens to break off and flood us with the truth.

November will give us a potent preview of what’s to come, especially near the November 18 Scorpio new moon. With assertive Mars in Libra, the sign of justice, from October 22 to December 9, we can expect more activism like the #MeToo hashtag, along with some intense legal developments.

Relationships will also take center stage as Mars emboldens us to get more authentic with the closest people in our lives. Mars is in an uncomfortable “detriment” while in Libra, so watch for passive-aggressive moves. Don’t water down your message or point fingers. Mars in Libra wants us to own our choices and speak up—even if it rocks the boat.

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But the biggest day this month arrives on November 11, when the third of three rare and harmonious trines forms between old-guard Saturn and new-school Uranus. These planets are polar opposites in nature: Staunch Saturn is the cosmic patriarch who cleaves to tradition while rebellious Uranus fights for progress and change.

It’s unusual that these two “odd couple” planets would align in such a simpatico angle. And they’ve been doing so on and off for almost a year. The last two Saturn-Uranus trines were on December 24, 2016 and May 19, 2017. This set off a cascade of developments that will reach a peak today.

In your own life, you’ve probably been sorting out which parts to keep and which to evolve all year long. Change has been a constant, gnawing presence for all of us.

The Saturn-Uranus trines have been revolutionizing some old institutions. The “establishment”—from Hollywood to government to big business—is being shaken to its core. But the walls haven’t come tumbling down just yet. Will this last trine deliver that blow?

It’s also 11-11, a day that we’ve always honored since we started seeing these “master numbers” flash at us on clocks, buildings and license plates back in 1992. If you’ve had your own serendipitous encounters with 11:11 and 11-11, you’re part of a worldwide phenomenon. Many believe that 11-11 is part of a larger global awakening of “one-ness consciousness,” a call to come together as lightworkers and heal the planet. (There’s even a new app called Breathe 11:11 designed to help with that. Downloading now!)

We’ll need to hang on to these enlightened vibes on November 19, when Mars will engage in a fiery clash with powermonger Pluto, which is in old-guard Capricorn. As these two hotheaded luminaries lock into a tense square (90-degree angle of tension), there could be fireworks indeed.

We’ll all breathe a sigh of relief on November 21, when the Sun moves into jovial and optimistic Sagittarius. While there won’t be any candy-coating the issues, Sagittarius season helps us turn a wider lens on all the ills of society that Scorpio season dredged from the muck. What can we DO about this—and how can we create a world that works for everyone? Those are the conversations November could spark.

With denial-queen Neptune ending a five-month retrograde on November 22, we’ll be ready to shake out the rugs instead of sweeping things under them. Here’s hoping that healer Neptune in compassionate Pisces, combined with the Sun in superconnector Sagittarius, can help us channel outrage into action.

And in spite of all this…it’s the holiday season. If 2017’s surreal, post-truth climate has taught us anything, it’s that we can (and do) live in parallel, coexisting realities all at once. We CAN simultaneously speak out against injustice and enjoy some damn eggnog. (Who doesn’t deserve a stiff drink for making it this far into the year?)

But let’s do it with our eyes open. If conversation around the family Thanksgiving table starts tipping into treacherous terrain—or your rage gets stuffed down further than cornbread in a turkey’s cavity—change the subject. Be firm. Insist. Think of it like a seasonal cold: Just because someone’s sneezing and coughing, doesn’t mean YOU have to get infected.

With that, we tip a mug of mulled cider—spiked with a shot of November’s truth serum—to you.

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