NY Daily News: AstroTwins & Momstrology

Parenting by the stars: Astrology guide offers motherhood tips by zodiac sign

August 13, 2014
By Victoria Taylor

You may thank your lucky stars for your bundle of joy, but have you considered consulting them?
“Momstrology,” written by Sagittarius twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, is a comprehensive guide to celestial-inspired caretaking.

The duo also known as the AstroTwins has compiled a purple-print manual that includes nearly 570 pages of advice and tidbits for moms — and dads — who want to parent by the stars.

“Kids do come with instructions,” Ophira told the Daily News, explaining that your child’s astrological sign can help you understand his or her needs.
The book is broken down into three main sections — child signs, mom signs and mother- and-child matches. It includes the pros and cons of having a girl or a boy with a certain sign and gives suggestions on how to discipline them.

“Momstrology” also highlights what stage of childhood will be the most difficult. For example, all-knowing Gemini moms hit an especially rough patch during their child’s adolescence and teen years, while overprotective Cancer moms struggle when their little one hits elementary school.

Nonparent zodiac fans can get a glimpse of what motherhood may be like for them and see what the guide has to say about their own mom’s parenting style.

“Astrology is good for helping you accept your quirks,” Ophira said. “We all have our little brand of quirky and crazy – why not embrace that instead of trying to stomp it out?”

For parents who want their little ones born under a certain sun sign, the AstroTwins have included a “Cosmic Conception Calendar,” which provides ballpark dates for babymaking.

“Personally, we like to leave these one up to Mother Nature,” Ophira and Tali write, “but sometimes you’ve got your heart set on having a child of a certain sign.”
Ophira, who has a 3-year-old Libra daughter and 14-year-old Leo stepdaughter, described motherhood as an exciting but exhausting time of transition, which makes it the perfect period to turn to divination.

“Does astrology dictate everything? No. We all have free will,” she said. “But it really is a handy shortcut and if you can make motherhood any easier for yourself, than why not.”

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