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Osama Bin Laden: Death of a Dictator & 6 Planets in Aries

Ten years after the horrifying events of 9/11, Osama bin Laden was found in Pakistan and killed by U.S. counterterrorist forces. As astrologers, our first question is why now? All year, we’ve pinpointed two cosmic players: Uranus (planet of revolution) and Neptune (planet of hidden enemies) as key forces behind 2011’s changing political landscape. These slow-moving “outer planets” only move into a new sign every 12 to 14 years, and this spring, they both made a shift.

On March 11, Uranus moved from Pisces into Aries, the sign of military operations, war and dictators. On April 4, Neptune moved from Aquarius into its home sign of Pisces, ruler of secrets and underground operations. The combination of these two forces has certainly played into Bin Laden’s capture.

Interestingly, there were SIX planets in Aries this weekend — an event that happened at the April 3 new moon and won’t likely happen again in our lifetimes. On Friday, we forecast an intense weekend, though we weren’t sure how it would play out. Aries is a hotheaded Fire sign, and this mega-concentration of Aries energy was a bit like a pressure cooker. (Ophi, who hasn’t been sick in years, ran a 101-degree fever all of Sunday evening. When we told Sagittarians that “temperatures would be rising,” we were thinking of passion, not this literal interpretation. But the stars have their own way of revealing themselves.)

At the time of Bin Laden’s death, militaristic Mars and international Jupiter were traveling close together, blending their energies. If there was ever a moment to capture a global terrorist, this was it. Bolstered by four other planets (Mercury, the Moon, Venus and Uranus), the decade-long manhunt reached its resolution. The Aries planets were also in a tense “square” to Pluto, planet of ruthless power and domination.

Wikipedia lists Bin Laden as a Pisces (March 10, 1957). While it’s not confirmed, we wouldn’t be surprised. Assuming he was a Piscean, having Neptune in his sign could have loosened his grip on reality. With Neptune in Pisces for the first time in his life, hiding in plain sight was not as foolproof as it’s been for the last 10 years.

Another dictator who won’t bode well under Neptune in Pisces? Libya’s Qaddafi, a Gemini. Pisces rules his 10th house of authority, and Neptune’s weakening effect will dissolve his ironclad reign. We may hear news of Qaddafi’s capture in the second half of May, when four planets are in Taurus, his 12th house of illusions and endings. With international Jupiter moving into Taurus for a year on June 4, it may be the end of his rule.

Times are definitely changing. Can you feel it? We can. In fact, if you’ve felt a bit disoriented, the shifting outer planets may have a lot to do with it.

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