Oscars Night 2014 Astrology: Who do the stars favor?

Stargazing, anyone? As we watch the coiffed and charismatic Academy Awards hopefuls , we’ll also be looking at the heavenly bodies overhead to see how the stars will influence the night’s events. Here, our cosmic take on the 2014 Oscars and the astrological odds for the Best Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Actor/Actress nominees.

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Overall Mood of the Evening

The Sun is in Pisces.

Lights, camera, glamour! Pisces is the ruler of film and fantasy—the perfect setting for Hollywood’s biggest night.

The Moon is in Aries.

Vote for me! Vote for me! With solo-star Aries in the (lunar) house, there could be some jockeying for the spotlight and a competitive air to the night. Frankly, we prefer that to a nicety-nice snoozefest (we’re looking at you, James Franco).

The host (Ellen DeGeneres) is an Aquarius.

We’re counting on Aquarius host Ellen DeGeneres to keep the energy high and edgy. With the moon in her glib and witty third house, she should keep the one-liners rolling, delivering them with impeccable timing. However, with aggressive Mars retrograde, she’ll want to skip any cheap shots that hit below the cummerbund.

Mars, Jupiter & Saturn are retrograde.

Two planets take a backspin on March 1 and 2, and both will affect the signs of many nominees. Competitive Mars turns retrograde in gracious Libra, which could reveal a couple of sore losers or even ungracious winners. Castmates could be out of sync, interrupting each other at speech time, or forgetting to thank significant others, since Libra rules relationships.

The multiple Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn contenders (see our lists below) will be most affected by these retrogrades. Don’t bet the family fortune on the people who seem like shoo-ins. Although many of these actors have been earmarked as “sure shots,” we could be surprised when they are upseated.

Lucky Jupiter is retrograde in touchy-feely Cancer on March 6, which could put films with a family theme (August: Osage County?) or tearjerkers at a disadvantage. However, sometimes benevolent Jupiter is so star-kissed, even a retrograde can’t hold it back.

Saturn’s slowdown in sexy Scorpio could also make for some “big reveals” on the red carpet of the raunchy variety. Attention actresses: put back those slit-up-the-thigh and risque gowns. Anything too dark, severe or goth-inspired will also hit a sour note with the fashion police.


Best Actress Nominees

Taurus: Cate Blanchett

The planets are somewhat neutral for Taurus this year, so this could go either way. The moon in her twelfth house of film and glamour could boost her odds tonight. And lucky Jupiter in her communication house could make her Woody Allen-gilded dialogue in Blue Jasmine score the win. (If she does, she may forget to thank an important person!)

Cancer: Meryl Streep

With lucky Jupiter in Cancer this year, Streep has fortune  in her corner. However, Jupiter’s low-power retrograde dampens the odds, along with tough Saturn retrograde in her 5th house of drama (although playing a mean-spirited older woman was definitely the right role for this curmudgeonly Saturn transit).  Jupiter can also be “too much of a good thing,” so the Academy may be ready to award someone else this year. The moon in her tenth house of honors could swing the vote her way, though.

Leos: Amy Adams, Sandra Bullock

With Jupiter retrograde in their illusory twelfth house, a victory could slip through their manicured fingers. Both actresses have better shots at a 2015 win, when Jupiter will be in Leo. So if neither scores an Academy Award, they could next year.

Sagittarius: Judi Dench

With tough Saturn retrograde in her twelfth house of film, the grounds for a win would be more of a “lifetime achievement” victory for playing her gritty and heart-wrenching role in Philomena. The moon in Dench’s tenth house of fame tonight can also be a boon.


Best Actor Nominees


Gemini: Bruce Dern

Geminis are in a career upswing thanks to Jupiter in their second house of work (although it’s retrograde until March 6). Saturday’s new moon in Pisces, Dern’s tenth house of honors and awards, could carry over some prizewinning energy, too.

Cancer: Chiwetel Ejiofor

Lucky Jupiter in Cancer brought huge exposure to Ejiofor’s sign. However, Jupiter’s backspinning retrograde could interfere with his chances. On his side? The moon’s presence in Aries, Ejiofor’s tenth house of awards and recognition. If he does score a statue, expect lots of excitement and energy in his speech—even a touch of grandiosity.

Scorpios: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey

Wild card! Serious Saturn in Scorpio can be both a help and a hindrance, especially since it turns retrograde on Oscars night. For DiCaprio, we think Saturn will block the win, especially teamed up with fellow Scorpio Martin Scorcese. But McConaughey’s daring turn in Dallas Buyer’s Club was just the heavy-hitting dramatic leap one wants to make when Saturn visits their sign. Saturn rules the bone structure, and McConaughey even lost 45 pounds to appear skeletal in his role —right in sync with the stars.

Aquarius: Christian Bale

With the moon in macho Aries, Bale’s sleazebag role in American Hustle could play well with the planets. However, with Saturn turning retrograde on Oscars day in his tenth house of honors and awards, the cosmic cards are now stacked against him.


Best Supporting Actress Nominees

Taurus: Sally Hawkins

As with Taurus Cate Blanchett, the vibe is pretty neutral and could go either way. This isn’t THE year for Taurus wins, but just like for Blanchett, she was likely nominated on the strength of Woody Allen’s scripted dialogue. It may not be enough to upseat stronger competition. The moon in their twelfth house of hidden agendas could reveal a surprise upseating. However, the twelfth house also rules film, which could work to their advantage.

Scorpios: Julia Roberts, June Squibb

Heavyweight Saturn in Scorpio can be an albatross or an advantage, depending on how meaty the role. Roberts, like McConaughey, chose well with her complicated role in August: Osage County. Saturn also rewards those who have worked for years in the industry, giving Roberts a much better shot than Squibb. However, since Saturn will go retrograde (backward) on Oscars night, these two Scorps could be put at a disadvantage.

Pisces: Lupita Nyong’o

With the March 1 Pisces new moon sending its helpful beams her way, red-carpet It Girl Nyong’o seems to be a fan favorite and a strong cosmic contender. She has the least amount of interference from the stars, which could work to her advantage. We won’t be surprised if the statue goes to this newcomer for her standout performance in 12 Years a Slave. 


Best Supporting Actor Nominees


Aries: Barkhad Abdi, Michael Fassbender

Having the moon in Aries on Oscars night is a boon for these two Rams, along with dazzling Mars in their seventh house of relationships (the “best supporting actor” rather than the “star” sector). However, stiff competition from two Capricorn contenders could upseat them. And since Mars turns retrograde (backward) on March 1, their competitive edge in this category could be dulled.

Sagittarius: Jonah Hill

With sober Saturn in his twelfth house of film, playing a more “straight man” in Wolf was a good move. However, Saturn can be an obstacle, or more of a building block—meaning this nomination is a stepping stone to future Oscar coups—especially since Saturn turns retrograde on Oscars night. If Hill doesn’t win, this should encourage him to depart from comedy a bit and take on more serious, dramatic roles.

Capricorns: Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto

With go-getter Mars in their tenth house of awards and the Sun in Capricorn, these two have a lot going for them. In addition, lucky Jupiter is in their interpersonal seventh house (the “best supporting actor” zone). However, both Mars and their ruling planet Saturn turn retrograde on March 1 and 2 (respectively), which could throw a wrench in plans.

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