Set Boundaries with This Pisces New Moon Ritual

women dancing to celebrate with dance for a 2020 pisces new moon ritual astrology article by the astrotwins

Set those boundaries firmly with this ritual, on March 13, when the 2021 Pisces new moon reveals where your limits lie.

by The AstroTwins

Vulnerable Pisces is the sign that can show where you are being victimized or taken advantage of. No more! The 2021 Pisces new moon on March 13 brings an opportunity to put your foot down—especially since Pisces rules the feet!

The enchanted sign of Pisces governs dance, a ritual used in sacred traditions for ages. Pull together a playlist or cue up your most stirring Spotify station and have a lunar dance party for your Pisces new moon ritual!

Pisces New Moon Ritual: Barefoot Dance Party

You can do this alone or invite friends to join, but you may want to start things off in a safe and private space. (Hit the club for an after-party?)

Choose music that is danceable and speaks to your soul and inspires you during this Pisces season. Dim the lights to create the nocturnal and mysterious atmosphere that Pisces loves; you might even do the ritual by candlelight. Take off your shoes. This exercise is as much about having your head in the clouds as it is about having your feet being firmly on the ground.

Turn on the music and try these dances

Foot stomp

We can feel both angry and guilty when our boundaries are crossed, especially when the “crosser” is someone in our personal lives. Stomping out energy through the feet is a way to say: “No! I’m putting my foot down!” Choose a song with a strong beat for this (some good hip-hop maybe?) and dance in a marching and stomping gesture. You might even shout out the word, “No!” while dancing for added effect. We promise, it will feel amazing doing this for your Pisces new moon ritual—especially if you picture the face of your boundary crosser.

Boundary activation air chop

Our auric field extends outside the body. We may feel pushed, fearful and even violated when people cross our boundaries. This dance is meant to reactivate the protective field around your body and reinvigorate your intuition (one of Pisces’ gifts).

Make a karate-chop motion while you dance. Strike your arm into the air about six inches away from yourself. Start at the root chakra, the area between your hips, and work your way up to the top of your head. Notice where you may want to spend more time. If you’ve had trouble speaking up, work on the throat area. If you’ve given too much in love, chop in front of your heart. This exercise is not about blocking people but remembering where your limits lie.

Other ideas for a Pisces new moon ritual: 

  • Listen to a shamanic drumming track with eyes closed. Journal about dreamlike images that arise.
  • Celebrate the arts at a live concert or theater performance.
  • Get a reflexology treatment, foot massage, or pedicure.
  • Keep a dream journal by your nightstand and record your waking thoughts and ideas.

Photo credit: Stocksy