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T H E    A S T R O T W I N S    I N V I T E   Y O U   T O

Learn astrology all year in a supportive cosmic community—our new inner circle!

R E G I S T R A T I O N   O P E N   

U N T I L    F E B R U A R Y   10

T H E   P O R T A L   M I S S I O N

Go where it flows.

You know those moments where everything aligns?  Life isn't "perfect" or all figured out. And yet, you feel peaceful and open to the journey. You've surrendered to the flow. And as you do, a passageway opens.

We call that space The Portal. And you're invited to join us there, every single day this year.

The Portal calls us in through subtle messages and mystical codes. Astrology is one of those. Eclipses. Retrogrades. Repeating numbers. This is Portalspeak. 

Astrology taught us how to align with The Portal's  rhythmic cycles and it's been our primary map for over 20 years. We no longer lose hours forcing frustrating situations to "work" or trying to fix one-sided relationships. Distraction rarely masquerades as opportunity—and when it does, we humbly take the lesson and keep on moving. Miracles arise for us regularly in the space of The Portal.

That's why we created this community: to share this powerful map with you. All year long, we'll be aligning, refining and designing. You'll gain mastery in understanding planetary trends AND your internal signals, so you can upgrade your "operating system" and live in harmony with your truth.

S T E P    T H R O U G H    T H E    P O R T A L    I N T O

Y O U R    H I G H E S T    P O T E N T I A L

Registration closes February 10 — don't miss out!

Like a weekly astrology reading, non-stop birthday party, and high-vibe support circle all rolled into one!

"Map the month with us" livestreams — align and create your plans in tune with each month's most powerful astrological transits

Learn your chart. We'll explore a new planet in your birth chart every month and learn to use it as a power tool

Guest experts from our powerhouse network of business, love, healing and wellness pros

Private Facebook Group to connect and commune with like-minded, supportive new friends

Member Spotlight Reading — live birth chart readings (apply for one!)

Guided rituals to manifest your mission in sync with the stars

Surprise bonus gifts, earlybird discounts, first dibs on new classes

PLUS: a  ticket  to our live VIP meetup in New York City  — October 2020!

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Annual Commitment

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Map Your Month with Us! LIVESTREAM

We walk you through the most important cosmic events (new moons, full moons and more) so you can plan every month by the planets. We’ll also reveal a bonus “astrological assignment,” that will keep you aligned and in the flow.

F r e s h   I n s p i r a t i o n   E v e r y   W e e k

M  O  N  T  H  L  Y      S  C  H  E  D  U  L  E


Portal Posse

From holistic healers to world-renowned business coaches, we’ll interview inspiring magic makers about topics relevant to the month’s planetary themes.


Birthday Party & Planetary Pocket Course

Travel to a new planet with us every month, as we celebrate the incoming Sun sign season. Unlock the soulful creativity of Neptune during Pisces time (Feb/Mar), Venus’ seductive guidance during Taurus season (Apr/May). Want to learn more astrology? Every month, we’ll release a Portal Pocket course. Find the planet’s unique zodiac sign and house position in your chart—and turn it into an amazing power tool!


Ask Us Anything + Spotlight Member Chart Reading

Send us your cosmic questions and we will answer them! One lucky Portal member will be selected each month for a spotlight chart reading. P.S. Observing a chart reading is one of the best ways to learn the astrology, so this will be an illuminating experience for everyone.

“My mind and heart have been completely blown open. I've learned things about myself, and have had more major ah-ha moments than I can remember in a long time.”

—   H A N N A H    —

“How I started your program: I don’t know how.

How I ended: I trust myself enough to know that I can figure out how.

“Your expertise provided me with such powerful and practical value. Pivotal to my journey.”

—   C I N D Y   A N N E   —

—   S Y M O N E   —

“The AstroTwins taught me how to use my chart to develop a business centered around my natural talents and passions.”

—   T A Y L O R   —

“Learning astrology with The AstroTwins was one of the smartest choices I ever made.”

—   J E N   —

A note from Ophi & Tali, The AstroTwins

Dear Astro-Friend,

We've spent the last couple years getting to know you—through our programs, social media, chart readings and retreats. 

That quality time also helped us learn what YOU, our cherished readers, want more of from us!

You want to hang out and ask us your burning questions directly. You want to learn more about your chart, compatibility, how to navigate your most important relationships.

Many of you are ambitious and success-driven. You want business advice with an astrological twist—more of the tools and training we've served up in our Astropreneur programs. 

In the Portal, we'll give you ALL of that. And so much more!

You'll get classes and workshops, and you'll learn your birth chart in bite-sized portions. We'll spend the year together, visiting each planet. You'll learn to astrology and chart interpretation through live demonstrations. You can network and commune with like-minded stargazers and get stellar advice from us and our wisest tribunal of healers, coaches, business pros and wizards. Plus—a yearly in-person meetup.

You're up to big things on this planet and you need support. Along with loyalty and friendship. Community. People who "get" you and cheer you on instead of criticizing you. 

In The Portal, we'll keep the wind in your sails and fuel in your starship. We'll share our cosmic GPS to guide you through your mission, in any cosmic weather.

Meet you in The Portal,

E N T E R   T H E   P O R T A L

Transform your entire year for just $1 a day. 

Begins February 3, 2020 — don't miss out!

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