Sagittarius 2017 Horoscope: Your Astrology Forecast

Your Sagittarius 2017 horoscope: What’s ahead for your Sun sign?

Adapted from The AstroTwins’ 2017 Planetary Planner

What are friends for, Sagittarius? In 2017—everything! Your ruling planet, lucky Jupiter, is in Libra until October, blazing a bold trail through your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Real-time and virtual connections alike heat up, and your popularity could go through the roof. Your social life gets a revival with an inspiring and eclectic new tribe. A digital or collaborative project could take flight, especially one with a humanitarian twist.

This is welcome news for your communal-spirited sign, especially since 2016 was a bit of an isolated year for many Sagittarians. Jupiter was in your career house for most of last year, while stoic Saturn was in your sign (and will continue to be until late 2017). The combination of these forces might have cast an unusually serious cloud over your 2016. It was lonely at the top—and you probably put in some seriously long hours. Focusing on a goal paid off, and with structured Saturn in your sign, your self-improvement projects have demanded long and arduous hours.

Any shaky structures in your life collapse, as Saturn demands that you construct your career and relationships on a firm foundation.

Tough Saturn, the planet of discipline, structure and maturity, has been in Sagittarius on and off since December 2014, a time of intense foundation building. Saturn visits your sign every 28-30 years, a time when many people must reinvent themselves from the ground up. Any shaky structures in your life collapse, as Saturn demands that you construct your life, career and relationships on a firm foundation. While the end result can bring long-lasting security, the process can be painful at times. There’s no escaping the hard work now!

In 2017, the ringed taskmaster spends its last year in Sagittarius, pushing you into even more levels of responsibility before it departs on December 19. The silver lining? After this, Saturn won’t return to your sign until 2044. So put in the time—you’re setting yourself up for the next 30 years and it’s worth the diligent effort. Sagittarians born between December 13-21 will feel Saturn’s weight the most this year.

You could enter 2017 as a better, more mature version of yourself, with lots of accomplishments under your belt. But enjoying the spoils of your hard work alone is a hollow victory for Sagittarius. You’re the sign of generosity, and you love to share your bounty. Now, the stars invite you to do that—but with discretion. You may have a smaller, leaner inner circle, but the people in it are ride-or-die loyalists who actually deserve this all-access pass.

The year will end on a quieter note. On October 10, Jupiter will downshift into Scorpio and your twelfth house of endings and rest. For the next 13 months, you’ll be clearing the decks and doing deep inner healing in preparation for Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius on November 8, 2018. Mark that date in neon yellow highlighter, Sagittarius, because there could be a few intense moments leading up to it (more on that in a bit). The goal is to let go of what no longer serves you, as Jupiter’s move into your sign will kick off a new 12-year chapter of your life. Sort, process, release and repair—making way for a fresh start.

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Friendships and solo projects take precedence over romance for most of this year. You’ve got people to see and goals to achieve, and it will be hard to slow down and focus on just one person. After October, you could meet a soulmate or go through a relationship transition. You may let go of a situation that’s no longer working—or you could clear the way to meet someone who truly supports you. Watch out for Venus retrograde in March and April, which could stir up drama or the return of an ex.


Teamwork makes the dream work! Your collaborations could be fruitful, both virtual and in real-time. Sync up with cutting-edge thought leaders and use digital platforms to launch your message to a wider audience. With enterprising Jupiter in your technology house, a technology project could go viral. Structured Saturn, the planet of authority, rounds out a three-year visit to Sagittarius this December. You could be recognized as a leader or expert in your field. A challenging period of growth and maturity ends in December, when Saturn exits your sign. From there, Saturn brings structure to your work and finances as it moves through Capricorn until March 2020.


With Jupiter in your teamwork house until October, group fitness and activities keep you motivated, so bring your friends along! Structural Saturn in Sagittarius urges you to take special care of your teeth, skin and bones, getting enough calcium. The last quarter of 2017 is an important time for rest and healing, as Jupiter visits your holistic twelfth house. Pay special attention to the mind-body connection. In October, your ruling planet Jupiter visits your healing twelfth house, sounding the call to slow down and do some deep soul-searching.


Setting limits with loved ones continues to be a challenge, as you must balance your own needs with your duty to them. With Jupiter in your group activity zone until October, exciting new friendships add color to your world, so find your tribe and connect with meaningful communities. Expanding your network of kindred spirits helps you feel less alone in the world. You could also get involved in a humanitarian or world-bettering project. A February eclipse in your home and family sector could herald a move, a pregnancy or a lifestyle change. A female relative, possibly your mother, could figure into events.

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