Sagittarius 2019 Yearly Horoscope

Curious what your 2019 horoscope has in store, Sagittarius? All things new and novel are on the horizon, as your ruling planet Jupiter spends nearly the entire year in YOUR sign. Double your luck by taking bold but calculated risks and putting yourself out there in savvy, strategic new ways. 

Adapted from The AstroTwins’ 2019 Planetary Planner

Ready, set, reinvent! This could be one of your most exciting years in over a decade, as you embark on a fresh 12-year chapter. Shake off any heavy or disappointing vibes from 2018, which was a year filled with karmic lessons and possibly a few struggles. Now, as the stars press “go” on your passions, you can pursue your dreams in a more mature and sensible way. Instead of leaping without a parachute, you’ve learned to take chances without foolishly gambling. You’ve been working toward this sweet spot since 2014, and you’ve paid your dues. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, Sag!


Cliché as it may sound, your greatest love affair in 2019 might be with your own life! As your ruling planet, expansive Jupiter, returns to Sagittarius for the first time since 2007, an exciting year of new and novel experiences awaits. In March, unpredictable Uranus ends a dramatic eight-year run through your fifth house of love, which could bring more serenity and stability to all affairs of the heart. July’s eclipse in Cancer ignites your eighth house of merging. You could meet a soulmate unexpectedly or make a permanent move, such as an engagement, pregnancy or setting up a home together. With sturdy Saturn in your self-esteem sector for the second full year, you’ve been learning tough but crucial lessons about valuing yourself. This will lay the groundwork for a happy, healthy relationship, either with a new person or the one you’re with!


Shoot for the moon and you might just hit an entire planet. With enterprising Jupiter in Sagittarius until December, fresh starts and novel ideas can go far. Prepare for a more public role and maybe a sleek style upgrade to go along with it. One of your trendsetting ideas may yield solid gold, as a plethora of planets commune in Capricorn and your fiscally-savvy second house. Four eclipses on your money axis could bring a job change, a windfall or an investment that starts to pay off. You may decide to buy or sell property this July. In December, when venturesome Jupiter joins the gang in Capricorn for a year, you could close out the decade with a solid nest egg.

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New habits, new you! With changemaker Uranus settling into your sixth house of health and fitness, working out and eating clean could become new obsessions. From apps to fitness trackers to cutting- edge treatments, innovator Uranus draws you to the latest and greatest in wellness. Make a concerted effort to cut down stress by spending time in nature and trying meditation or breathing exercises.


Your loved ones will have a hard time keeping up with you, as globetrotting Jupiter in Sagittarius finds you zooming around instead of staying in one place. But that won’t stop them from issuing some Oscar-worthy guilt trips, especially when Jupiter clashes with needy Neptune in your domestic sphere this January, June and September. Make sure to give them quality time, but not at the expense of your dreams and plans. You may need to “cut the cord” a bit with a relative who’s overly dependent on you—or, if you’re a parent, get some extra help!

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