Saturn Retrograde Is Over! How to move on (plus, a poem about it)

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Come out from that dark cocoon you’ve been obsessing in and step into the light. On August 1, tough Saturn ends it four-and-a-half month retrograde (backward) transit, and powers into direct (forward) motion. An area of life that’s been a struggle could start to get easier now, especially if you’ve applied the most important lessons.

Saturn reverses course for the same amount of time every year, forcing us to go back to the drawing board, to make sure we’ve learned our most crucial lessons, and to test the strength of our personal and professional foundations. Imagine a construction site with cranes lined up, ready to hoist steel beams into the air and erect a new skyscraper. Suddenly, the architects and engineers halt production for a few months to make sure the foundation has been poured correctly, or that there’s not a toxic waste dump underneath the building site. Ever since Saturn went retrograde on March 14, we’ve all been busy getting things “up to code” in our lives. (Our August monthly horoscopes get super-specific about where your Saturn repair work occurred.)

Saturn first went retrograde in Sagittarius, but on June 14, it backed into Scorpio for a final run, turning our attention to interpersonal matters, buried emotions, sex, joint ventures and the way we “merge” energy/resources with another person. Saturn made a long visit to Scorpio from October 2012 until December 23, 2014 (read our post about Saturn in Scorpio here).

So what was the greater message of Saturn retrograde in Scorpio? Since mid-June, you may have experienced blocks, delays and second thoughts about any area of your life that was intertwined with someone else’s. As much as our society glorifies relationships, dealing with another person’s baggage and control issues is not the hand-holding walk along the beach we imagine.

Maybe your harsh lessons came by discovering a secret or seeing someone’s unsavory true colors. Scorpio rules private matters, and Saturn may have revealed what was concealed. Denial wasn’t an option under Saturn in Scorpio—at least, not without a heavy price. Some people we know reported feeling a low-grade depression during this Saturn retrograde cycle, as the taskmaster planet turned everyone’s focus within. Swept-aside emotions had to be addressed, and demons had to be stared down. You could have felt restrictive Saturn’s pinch on a more financial level, since Scorpio rules long-term wealth—credit cards, debt, loans, a shared business venture.

Luckily, Saturn is not a cruel overlord—while his curriculum can be grueling, he rewards those who step up and do the hard work. Saturn rules maturity and boundaries, so if you set clear parameters and stuck to them (e.g., “Here’s what I will and won’t put up with”), you should soon be on terra firma. Saturn’s will depart Scorpio for good on September 17, then it won’t return to this intense position until 2041. Whew!

This past week was particularly tough because FIVE planets were retrograde: Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. While the other four will keep reversing through August, at least we’ve got Saturn back on track.

To sum up your journey, our reader Myke Kofi—Astrostyle’s poet laureate—wrote us some gorgeous verse to capture the feeling of Saturn’s final run through Scorpio and all the lessons we’ve learned along the way. Enjoy his elegant and vivid ode to Sir Saturn:



*Inspired by the Astro Twins* June 2015*
© Myke Kofi 2015. Astrostyle’s poet laureate.

Knock, knock. Ka-boom!
I’m a seven-ton elephant in your room.
Knock, knock. Ka-boom!!
I’m the shady-gray, dark side of the moon.

I am the lead weight on both your shoulders!!
Feeling my responsibilities? Like rocky boulders!

I am the dust to which one day we all shall return;
I am the furnace-testing your max-temperature burn.
From ashes to ashes, dust to dust;
Shattering illusions so none you’ll easily trust.

Brandishing you with intensity and fierce heat;
Ironing out knotty-kinks, from your head to your feet.

Seven yearly audits your life to scrutinize;
Dredging-up secretive secrets, vimeo sexed-up lies.

This is it! It is now or never!
Sink or swim! Publish or perish!
My transit is NOT a time you’ll relish.
Just f***** do it! My way or the highway!
Do or die! With a hue and cry:

Weeping, wailing, screaming, shrieking, mourning;
Say hello, wave goodbye; before the break of dawning.

Huh! Wanna try tantric yogic orgies? Spiced-up “Saturnalia”
Dressed-up to undress your finery (ahem) S&M® regalia.
Oh-kaaaay! I’ll be there but wearing the most somber toga;
And hell no! I won’t be joining you for laughter yoga! [Seriously, no]!

Get used to my harsh reality; might as well plan ahead with Astro Twins® astrology.

I’m not like Jupiter’s excessive jollility;
Like I said before I don’t do frivolity.
I’m not like Neptune’s nebulous boundaries;
I feel more at home in a rock-solid foundry.

Plunging into your watery deepest deep;
Play no games with me – not even hide and seek.

Ugh! Things I hate: Child abuse! Trafficking peeps! Slavery! Prostitution!
Seeking redress, prosecuting for restorative retribution!

Ready or not? Answer my call of duty! Obey my obligations!!
Sober-up! Hunker-down! No time to waste up- or down town!
Succumb no more to seductive worldly temptations.

Sometimes, when you’re just about to win;
Know this: I’ve got YOU under my skin!

When I’m finally done, you’ll never be the same;
Be in no doubt: there’ll be no-one else to blame!

Truth be known: I’m really your best friend;
You’ll be thanking me by the bitter-sweet end [seriously, yes!]

Truth be known: I’m strengthening your back-bone;
But tell me this. You’re not a tax-evader, say like Al Capone? []

Hold my hands tight; ready for some drama?
Deal or no deal? Face-up to your bad karma.

© Myke Kofi 2015 Astrostyle’s poet laureate

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