Scorpio Lunar Eclipse: Living On The Edge

April 25, 2013: An intense six-month chapter is coming to a head at today’s Scorpio lunar (full moon) eclipse. This is no ordinary full moon—more like a lunation to the hundredth power—as a changemaking eclipse sweeps in to remove all the no longer serves us. Since the moon is in extreme Scorpio, we can expect the decks to be cleared completely, leaving no mess behind.

While this may sound foreboding, the truth is, we can all use a little cosmic deep cleaning now and then. And since lunar eclipses occur 3-4 times a year, that seems to be their primary purpose. (Read more on eclipses here:

Trace your steps back to November 13, 2012 when a Scorpio solar (new moon) eclipse set off a chain of events leading up to this date. Whatever you were doing in mid-November may hold clues to what’s coming to fruition now. New moons plant the seeds of growth that culminate at a full moon, so even some of the wackier twists and turns of fate can make sense now.

Here’s how to mine the Scorpio lunar eclipse’s potential.

If you love someone, set them free.

We’ve all seen the cheesy truck stop mugs with variations on this saying (…and if they don’t come back, they weren’t yours to begin with/hunt them down and capture them). But Scorpio is ruled by the mythic phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s all about releasing what’s not ours to control and letting the universe alchemize it, returning it (or something better) to us in a transformed state.

Follow your instincts.

Our intuitive and even psychic powers are heightened at the Scorpio eclipse. And if we really slow down, quiet ourselves and tune in, we know exactly what we’re doing.  For a little inspiration, Al Pacino’s classic scene in Scent of  a Woman, driving a Ferrari while blind:


Choose the target of your control freak-ing.

Scorpio is the sign of power and control. These traits get a bad rap, but truth is, to be a mortal IS to be a control freak of sorts. After all, our species has to survive somehow. So rather than try to change this utterly human “flaw,” decide what’s worthy of getting freaky about instead. Find a pursuit commensurate with a meltdown, something that makes the world a better place. Cellulite? Nope. The person who doesn’t return your calls? Hell no. An event that will raise money for a children’s charity? That’s more like it. A shot at a leadership position that will give you decision-making power for how to use your community’s natural resources sustainably? Let your (control) freak flag fly!