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September Monthly Horoscope: Bringing Order to the Chaos

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Your September horoscope arrives with the Sun in mindful and meticulous Virgo until the 22nd, helping us restore order to our cosmic courts. The Virgo new moon on September 9 could be especially helpful at playing life coach and organizer, prompting us to polish and perfect any rough ideas and turn them into something real. After that, it’s Libra season, which is all about balance and harmony—and we could certainly use more of that!

The pressure is lifting…and things are getting back to full speed again. Summer was a bit of a beast, astrologically speaking, with a lot of heavenly obstacles to dodge. At almost any given time in July and August, there were five or six planets retrograde—and these signal-scrambling reversals delayed ambitious plans, provoked misunderstandings and made even simple things ridiculously complicated. And with three turbulent eclipses thrown in for extra fun, it was, well, a wee bit tricky to get a handle on just about anything!

As September begins, there are still four planets retrograde, and by the end of September, only two (radical Uranus and foggy Neptune) will be striking this rebellious pose. Mercifully, communicator Mercury and combative Mars turned direct at the end of August, which began easing some of the day-to-day stresses and frustrations we may have faced. On September 6, structured Saturn ends a five-month retrograde in Capricorn, which slowed down career plans (but, in what was perhaps a silver lining, put a watchdog’s eye on political corruption since stalwart Saturn and stern Capricorn rule governments and businesses). Shadowy Pluto, also retrograde in Capricorn since April, will finally correct its course on September 30. Phew!

It won’t be all easy-breezy, because as planets “station”—come out of retrograde and turn direct (forward)—there can be a bit of energetic whiplash. You know the feeling you get when a car or train stops suddenly, sending you pitching forward, then flying back? Yeah, it’s a little bit like that. Don’t expect to wake up feeling instantly lighter…but DO watch as gradual improvements pick up momentum each day.

Keep your ego and temper in check September 18, when fiery Mars in social Aquarius gets snared in its third of three hotheaded squares with volatile Uranus in stubborn Taurus. Friends could become frenemies and group dynamics could turn explosive in a moment’s time. We’ll all need to breathe deeply and practice “agreeing to disagree” with extra vigilance.

The first of these cosmic clashes was on May 16, and the second on August 2. Any tension near those days could provide clues of what might fully break the surface now. Although you may need to have it out with someone, these rash and destructive planets could incinerate a bridge rather than help you repair it. While it’s important to be direct, acting and speaking out of haste could come back to bite you bigtime.

Luckily, the bold Sun will enter peacemaker Libra on September 22, but there’s one more boldfaced moment on September 24, when the year’s only Aries full moon spotlights our individual needs and accomplishments. Under the “me-first” Aries influence, everyone wants to be seen, heard and high-fived. But the spotlight could get a little crowded. Make sure that as you advocate for your own agenda…you could also help others rise to the occasion!

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