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Love our horoscopes? Dive into more astrology learning and forecasts with our full library of books—everything from annual horoscope guides to love, parenting, style and compatibility by the stars.

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AstroTwins 2020 Horoscope

The AstroTwins’ 2020 Horoscope (Paperback and PDF)

Get your horoscope for the whole year! The complete annual horoscope guide for all 12 zodiac signs for love, career and more. Plus: numerology and Chinese horoscopes. Shop Now >

astrotwins compatibility horoscope book

How To Get Along With Anyone (Yes, Even That Person)

Our ultimate guide to astrology and compatibility—the secrets of your horoscope love match, simplified at last! Buy Now >


Love Zodiac

Demystify men and transform any relationship! This 450-page horoscope guide reveals the intricate secrets that make men tick. Understand the guys of every zodiac sign.


Yes, kids DO come with instructions! Our guide to parenting your little one by their horoscope. A comprehensive guide to the moms and children of every astrological sign.



Discover your birthday shoe! Combining astrology with the chic art of shoe design, Shoestrology offers a trendy interpretation of your personality as defined by your birthday shoe.