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welcome to starstruck 2020

Meet the STARSTRUCK 2020 Astrologers!

Stephanie Gailing

Dreamwork & Flower Essences to Inspire Your 2020 Vision

Jessica Lanyadoo

Designing Your Relationships for a New Decade

Tony Howard

Out of Bounds Planets in 2020: Windows of Breakout and Breakthrough

Shakirah Tabourn

Intergenerational Harmony in the 2020s

Alice Sparkly Kat

The Planetary Is Political: Astrology as an Agent for Self-Actualization


Mastering the Miracle: Your 2020 Cosmo-practic Adjustment

Susan Miller

Walking the Astrologer's Path In the New Decade

Sam Reynolds

America's Pluto Return: Riding the Starmap of a Historic Year

Rachel Schwartz

Using the Planets Proactively with Kabbalistic Astrology

Colin Bedell

Managing Shame, Cultivating Worthiness & Relational Intelligence

Katie Sweetman

Using the Saturn-Pluto Meetup as a Transformational Tool

Vanessa Montgomery

Activism & Social Change by the Stars in 2020

Annabel Gat

Rise Above the Retrogrades & Rock Your Rising Sign in 2020

Nadiya Shah
From Earth to Air: How the 2020s Will Shift Society

Yasmin Boland

The Moonology of 2020

Erin Claire Jones

Human Design: Map Your Archetype for the New Decade

Leisa Schaim

Your Personal Birthday Year: Plan Your Key Focus in 2020 with Profections

Julija Simas

Working with Venus Retrograde in 2020

Mecca Woods

Rituals & Practices for
Divine Self-Care in 2020

Rick Levine
SATURN: The Keeper
of the Gates

Rebecca Gordon

How to Rock the 2020 Eclipses for Success and Starpower

Aliza Kelly

How to Kick-Start Your Spiritual Services Business in 2020

Patrick Watson

Growing Edges: Jupiter's Voyage to The Outer Planets in the 2020's

Demetrius Bagley

Changing What and How We Eat in the 2020s: Uranus in Taurus

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