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What Your Sun Sign Says About Your Leadership Style


Leadership, wherefore art thou? Our world is experiencing a crisis of character at the top, as authority figures are mired in drama, in-fighting and complicit silence. Between 2017 and 2019, change-making eclipses are falling in power-to-the-people Aquarius and courageous Leo. Your zodiac sign gives you a unique set of leadership traits and abilities—ones that the world could benefit from now.

According to astrology, your Sun sign determines the essence of your personality. The Sun’s position in your natal chart will reveal how you approach leadership and authority. The bold Sun is also the planetary ruler of proud, theatrical Leo, the leadership-driven star sign of courage and character. But no matter what astrological sign you’re born under, you have a unique gift that can be cultivated into powerful leadership.

Solar energy radiates outward: think of sunbeams flooding the daytime sky. What is the special light that you shine into the world? What is your destiny or purpose—and what mark can you leave behind?

The Sun also governs our pride, and since the ego falls under its domain, when imbalanced, those beams can produce arrogance, swagger or a mask of false confidence. It’s a thin line between being take-charge and being tyrannical. The Sun, after all, is the center of our solar system. (Want to learn more about your Sun sign and the other planets in your natal chart? Do a free chart here.)

Understanding your Sun sign is key to navigating your self-expression as a leader. While you can’t change the sign you were born under, you can adjust the dials to help strengthen the positive traits. Every Sun sign has challenging aspects: these can be turned into strengths by gaining awareness of them—not trying to make them go away. It’s all in the way you use it. 

So what kind of leader are you? Read on to discover what your Sun sign says about your leadership style.


Leadership Gifts:
Trailblazers and trendsetters, Aries are never afraid to be “first” or to risk their reputations as spokesperson for cutting-edge ideas. Their sheer physical energy and excitement is contagious. As leaders, Aries are charismatic and great at inspiring people, getting everyone #woke and pumped to take action. They can be excellent delegators, building an army of capable constituents that becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Leadership Challenges:
Solo-star Aries can forget to share the spotlight. Some will even take credit for other people’s contributions and ideas, forgetting that they are the messengers rather than the creators. This sign’s ego can be its downfall. Aries may not really “do” the work, avoiding the follow-through on the parts of the job that they don’t enjoy. They’ll need a solid backup team (paging the earth signs?) to make sure great ideas are carried from talk into action.


Leadership Gifts:
As leaders, Taurus people are great at simplifying and prioritizing what really matters. They get the job done and hustle hard when needed. A Taurus is never afraid to be the “bad cop” who takes a stand and holds people accountable. They can be skillful managers, able to break big tasks into steps and issue clear instructions. Their stamina helps see a mission through to completion.

Leadership Challenges:
“Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. In a leadership position, Taurus resistance to change can stall progress and turn a once-inspiring mission into a soul-numbing grind. Or, they can become scarily dogmatic (Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein were both born under this sign). Title-loving Tauruses can get too caught up in hierarchies and formalities. They can be excessively proud and talk themselves up too much. Even if they’ve earned the accolades, it can come across as pompous and self-aggrandizing. Hello, turn-off! They need compassionate people (water signs, that’s you!) on their crew to remind them when they’ve become overly harsh.


Leadership Gifts:
Charismatic and witty, Gemini can always get people laughing—or at least, buzzing. They’re great talkers and quick thinkers; always up on the latest and greatest gadgets or trends. They can find anything in a Google search, and bring creative ideas to the table. Gemini are remix masters who can deftly pull from a surprising mix of sources that don’t normally go together, making an amazing fusion.

Leadership Challenges:
Are they a
ll talk, no action? As leaders, Gemini can sometimes speak out of both sides of their mouths, forgetting what they said, socializing and getting distracted from the job at hand. Gemini can spread the word so fast that it can quickly become workplace gossip, or they might forget to check facts before, say, posting an incendiary Tweet or spreading “fake news.” They should surround themselves with grounded, humble people (can we get a fixed sign in here?) who keep their airy temperaments in check.


Leadership Gifts:
Cancer is caring and nurturing, and they like to do everything “family-style.” As leaders, Cancers create an environment that feels very personal. They’ll know the names of your pets, parents and kids. A gorgeously-wrapped present and handwritten card will appear on your desk at every holiday. Cancer builds environments for people who want to stay for the long haul—a “shell” that protects their trusted people. Fiercely protective, they’ll do battle with anyone who threatens the people they care most about.

Leadership Challenges:
It’s great to feel safe and secure, but as leaders, Cancer c
an overdo it with the “la familia” routine. This sign will demand loyalty from employees or befriend their coworkers, expecting the same level of intimacy from colleagues as anyone else. Knock knock on that crab shell: ever hear of healthy work-life boundaries? Cautious Cancer can be fearful of change and overly concerned with taking a safe approach. They may be closed off and hard to really know until major loyalty tests are passed. Hello, exhausting!


Leadership Gifts:
Yas qween! As leaders, Leo is loving and heart-centered, popular and affable. They have big ideas and the courage to actually execute them. Leos are good at delegating and managing, but as hardworking fixed signs, they’ll also put in the time. This celebratory sign loves to turn everything into a party and never misses a chance to host a glamorous gala or gathering, especially if it’s for a good cause.

Leadership Challenges:
Proud Leo can be a little too susceptible to being liked. They’ll turn singing their own praises into a five-stanza opera and issue a press release for their victories before the mission is even complete. They love having their egos stroked and can hog the spotlight—which, admittedly, adores them. This can make them tone-deaf in team scenarios and overly focused on their own agendas rather than accomplishing a common cause.


Leadership Gifts:
Like a scout, your organized sign is always prepared. But in addition to earning merit badges, Virgos can be the camp counselors of the zodiac. Clipboard in hand, you thrivs at planning and executing an agenda. You’re analytical and strategic, a sharp communicator. Helpful Virgos are at their best when being of service and championing a cause. Their strong writing, speaking and journalistic skills can help them convey a powerful message.

Leadership Challenges:
Forget spilling the tea—this caustically critical sign can serve up haterade by the gallon. When threatened, Virgos can be patronizing and judgmental, making anyone on their bad side’s life into a living hell. Perfectionism can stop this clever sign from getting a great idea off the ground (paging fire signs to help them spring into action!).


Leadership Gifts:
As the zodiac’s sign of interpersonal harmony, Libras play well with others. Your ability to delegate, collaborate and partner up makes you an indispensable team member. Your sign’s innate sense of justice can make you a fair and diplomatic leader.

Leadership Challenges:
Airy Libras can get scattered, mired in social hierarchies or consumed with impressing people. While you want everything to be kumbaya, you may try too hard to be liked. Your sensitive sign can take things personally, losing sight of your mission and dodging conflict instead of addressing it head-on.


Leadership Gifts:
As the sign of power and control, life is your chess board, and you intend to take the queen. Scorpios are famous for strategic moves and savvy alliances. You cultivate an air of mystery and magnetism, which attracts well-connected people and exclusive opportunities. If you use this for good, you can raise funding and widespread awareness for an important cause. People are a little bit afraid of you, but again, if you wield this consciously, they’ll also give you loyalty and respect.

Leadership Challenges:
Trust issues much? Scorpios can be suspicious and insular, keeping a tight inner circle or hiding plans behind a veil of secrecy. Their lack of transparency can be off-putting, In some cases, they seem to be hoarding all the goods for themselves or establishing a hierarchy that cultivates a climate of fear. Aim for more intimacy and less intimidation. Keep a warm fire sign or two around to help create a friendlier atmosphere.


Leadership Gifts:
Big ideas for sale! Visionary Sagittarians are the zodiac’s risk-takers, always scheming and dreaming up a supersized plan. As the world’s superconnectors, they specialize in bringing people together across cultures, countries, language barriers and other so-called differences. With their on-the-money humor, they’ll keep their tribes laughing. They can be fun to work with and have tons of energy, which inspires others to go big, too.

Leadership Challenges:
Too much of a good thing is just…exhausting. And over-the-top Sagittarius is always doing too much at once. This sign can get overcommitted, forgetting to delegate and keeping a million irons in the fire. (Can we get an organized earth sign in here?) The Sagittarius shadow side of can be an opinionated or bigoted mindset (Ann Coulter and Steve Bannon are members of this star sign), and a tendency to paint the world in broad, brash strokes. Even with foot firmly in mouth, they keep talking, offending and alienating everyone in their path.


Leadership Gifts:
An unparalleled work ethic, tireless ambition and persistence that never quits? That’s Capricorn leadership at its best. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure and stamina, this sign will pay dues and put in the time. Capricorns know how to play the game and can easily rise to prominent roles. When operating at their best, they have high standards and integrity, and will hold others accountable for their promises. Capricorns can “change the system from within,” using their power to influence the key decision-makers.

Leadership Challenges:
Hardscrabble Capricorns can veer toward the conservative and dogmatic, and they may lack compassion—for themselves and others. In their quest for a goal, they can step over the “little people” and take a brusque, businesslike approach. With their rule-abiding natures, they may follow the letter of the law rather than the spirit of it. Capricorn is the sign of hierarchy and patriarchy, and they may be blindly loyal to old-guard institutions that need to evolve.


Leadership Gifts:
Friendly, popular and natural politicians, Aquarians are at bringing people together. They can be naturally likable and welcoming to people from all walks of life—Oprah Winfrey being a famous example from this star sign. No story is too out-there for the humanitarian Water Bearer, who has a soft spot for the underdog. With their future-forward mindset and progressive leanings, Aquarians aren’t afraid to voice a radical idea or champion an underground cause. With their magic touch, it can spread into mainstream consciousness and hashtag-worthy status (Aquarius also rules technology) quickly.

Leadership Challenges:
Aquarius is also the sign of detachment (Ayn Rand, founder of objectivism, was born under this sign) and they can be overly rational and cold in their approach. As the ruler of groups and teams, they can veer into people-pleasing as quickly as they can cast themselves as the weird but lovable rebels. Because Aquarius is co-ruled by iconoclastic Uranus AND conservative Saturn, they can become surprisingly conformist and corporate-minded when they join a group, putting party before country (Paul Ryan is an Aquarius example of this) or defending the old-guard institutions.


Leadership Gifts:
At their best, Pisces are true empaths and healers who have compassion for days. They are old souls who can form deep bonds with their people, especially when fighting the power or championing a charitable cause. Anti-hierarchy, democratic Pisces are hypersensitive about including people, especially those who are normally left out. They can be deeply emotionally attuned to suffering, which gives them the capacity to be humane and benevolent leaders. Enchanting and alluring, this sign is great at attracting powerful people to help carry out their vision.

Leadership Challenges:
Cold fish? Sharks? Vicious piranha? Not all Pisces are gentle fish swimming harmoniously in a synchronized school. Some can be predators who can sniff out weakness and prey on it. Others are avoidant leaders who get too caught up in sob stories or playing the victim. They turn helpless just when it’s time to lean in. Trying to please too many people or play the “tough guys” rarely works out for them (Pisces Mitch McConnell and Reince Preibus are recent examples of Pisces who flopped by aligning themselves with an agenda that would hurt instead of help). As the sign of karma, Pisces in charge need to follow the same oath as doctors, “First, do no harm.”

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