Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

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What does the Five of Cups tarot card mean?

The Five of Cups carries with it heavy or difficult emotions. There can be a profound sense of loss with this card. It may be tied to grieving a death or the end of a relationship. However, this card’s appearance doesn’t necessarily mean a loss of that magnitude, or even that anything has been lost at all!

Whatever the nature of your disappointment, the Five of Cups represents the sadness surrounding an unmet expectation. Sometimes things don’t work out the way we hoped they would. It can be really hard to accept when that happens.

The appearance of the Five of Cups compassionately encourages you to look for the ways you can find your way to gratitude. Maybe it’s possible that with something lost, there’s the opportunity for something even better to come in.

What is the Five of Cups zodiac sign?

The zodiac sign of the Five of Cups is Scorpio

Five of Cups Tarot Guide

Keywords for the Five of Cups: Sadness, grief, loss, despair, disappointment, failure

Yes or No: No

Planet of the Five of Cups: Pluto & Mars

Element of the Five of Cups: Water

What does the Five of Cups card mean in a love reading?

The Five of Cups can be a hard one to see in a love reading due to its association with loss and sadness.

If you’re in a relationship, this card may feel like (and even be) a warning that this connection might be ending soon. But you don’t need to jump to that conclusion. The Five of Cups can be a sign that a past attachment or pain is getting in the way of your relationship being able to progress the way you’d prefer. You’re urged to put in the work, including getting the support you may need, in order to process any past experiences or traumas that have been emotional blocks in your relationship.

This message also applies to singles, especially those who are still grieving a heartbreak or loss. Your emotions are completely valid. You deserve to experience and process them in a compassionate way. The Five of Cups reminds you that letting go is an important part of your healing, so that you can move toward having the kind of experiences you want.

In either case, this card still has a positive silver lining. No matter how hurt you may be feeling right now, the Five of Cups still represents the possibility of you experiencing the love and connection you desire. It may even be the case that a falling out in a relationship can provide a pathway to a greater connection.

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What does the Five of Cups tarot card mean for career, money and finance?

The Five of Cups can indicate the loss of something valuable in your work life. That may mean saying goodbye to a job or partnership, or it could be an unmet expectation, such as being turned down for a promotion or an opportunity you were hoping to secure.

This minor arcana card’s message of hope still holds here, and you’re encouraged to listen to it. First, look at the situation. See if there’s still something there for you. It might be the case that there’s an even better opportunity sitting in front of you. If not, think about what you’ve learned from the experience. How can you channel that lesson into what comes next?

This card’s association with grief and trauma could also mean exploring a career dealing with the subject. For example, if you’ve been thinking about becoming a therapist or counselor, the Five of Cups may offer you some validation in your pursuit.

What does the Five of Cups tarot card mean for health?

The Five of Cups has a strong relationship with mental and emotional health issues, especially anxiety and depression. It can also indicate lasting trauma or grief that has proven debilitating.

This card encourages you to reach out to others, including your support network and mental health professionals, to get the help that you need to feel more like yourself.

Five of Cups Tarot Card in Reverse Meaning

The Five of Cups in a reversed position represents accepting and healing from a loss or heartbreak.

While you may always feel a sense of sadness about it, you’re reaching something that feels like closure. You are beginning to feel the light come back into your life. You’ve been doing the difficult work of processing your feelings and letting go, and that’s something that is deserving of acknowledgment (and celebration, to the extent that you can)!

This minor arcana card in reverse supports you in the healing work you’re doing, and may still be doing for some time to come. Keep practicing letting go and forgiveness as you open yourself up to new opportunities that come your way.

Is the Five of Cups tarot card a yes or no?

As the Five of Cups is related to generally negative feelings, it’s best understood as a no in a yes or no reading.

What does the Suit of Cups mean?

Cups are associated with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), which rule emotions and connection. Water signs carry a romantic, artistic, and intuitive energy, and people with those signs love to create and connect.

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