The 2021 Libra New Moon Is A Relationship Repair Kit

2021 Libra new moon astrology by the AstroTwins

Pause, reflect—and refresh your sense of balance and harmony. On October 6, the 2021 Libra new moon provides a universal launch pad for your relationships to take flight.

by The AstroTwins

On Wednesday, October 6, 2021 (at 7:05 AM EDT), the 2021 Libra new moon marks one of the most promising days for harmonizing your relationships. It’s the year’s only new moon in graceful, commitment-focused Libra.

As the star sign ruling commitment and partnership, lovely Libra is gentle, harmonious and diplomatic. When the dark moon slips into this alluring domain, enjoy an extra helping of harmony and increased understanding in your most cherished relationships—including those that may have fallen out of balance.

While the Libra new moon marks one of the most promising days for recalibrating relationships every year, 2021’s comes with some extra challenges, since Mercury happens to be retrograde in Libra. This can cause everyone to dig in their heels during peace talks. Righteous anger may interfere with compromise, so plan to take plenty of cool-down breaks if you’re trying to sort through a struggle. Don’t rehash the past if you’ve already forgiven each other and put the issue to bed. At some point, you have to let things go and move on!

Be careful of people-pleasing and other challenges

In some ways these charged alignments can be useful, since a Libra new moon can make everyone prone to people-pleasing. If you need to stand your ground in the name of justice, you’ll have plenty of cosmic support. Brace yourself for battle but do what you can to avoid getting sucked into the spiral of emotions.

In less dramatic scenarios, Libra’s amicable moonbeams hold the promise of pleasant negotiations, sweet heart-to-hearts, and even surprising new partnerships. Strive for greater mutuality with the people in your life (think: interdependence, not codependence). Whether it’s business, creative coupling, or a heart-palpitating romantic affair, let the negotiations begin!

Just remember that new moons are starting blocks, so there’s no need to rush to the signing table or straight to the altar. With Mercury retrograde until October 18, you’d be wise to wait another few weeks before making any binding agreements. Can’t adjust the timeline? Carefully read the fine print! The seeds you plant this week will be harvested six months from now, when the full moon shines in Libra.

Libra is the zodiac’s midpoint

Is it any surprise that this lunation also marks the halfway point of the annual horoscope cycle? That’s because Libra, the star sign of beauty and balance, is also the zodiac’s midpoint sign. Use this soft, dark night for reflecting on the recent past, but also to look ahead. The seventh sign is symbolized by the Scales. Now you have extra support to measure your progress using the Libran gift of judgment to craft a thoughtful, balanced plan for your future.

Six rituals to invite more balance and beauty into your life at the 2021 Libra new moon

1. Just say…”maybe!”

Feel pressured to make a decision? Refuse to cave. At the 2021 Libra new moon, it’s okay to wait and see. And if you’re applying the heat to someone else? Take a nice, deep breath and give things a rest.

After all, that “no” might simply mean “not now.” When a “no” is heard and honored, it can sometimes turn into a “yes” down the line. So let go of your agendas and need to control results. Be open to change, course corrections, and unexpected outcomes. As Libra Oscar Wilde once said, “Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”

2. Freshen up.

Style can be stressful when you’re busy, and dressing up can feel like another part-time job. That extra hour of matching, accessorizing, makeup application and blow-drying can be a real weight on an already overloaded schedule—especially if you’re doing all this primping for a meeting on Zoom.

Fortunately, Libra is ruled by Venus. Under its influence, art, beauty and sensuality are as natural to drink in as the air you breathe. At the 2021 Libra new moon, taking time to adorn yourself can be a pleasurable, ritual escape from the intense, achievement-focused energy of your day.

It may seem frivolous when you’re hammering away at a massive deadline. When time challenges cramp your style, this new moon insists you’re worth it—and promises it will be an easier and more pleasant time than you might think.

Try creating a “uniform”—a simple, go-to combo—to cut down stress when you face your closet. Structured top, jeans, boots…GO! Scoop-neck shirt, leggings, flats, colorful bag…DONE. Libra won’t let you out the door looking less than stellar. And since this new moon favors partnership, why not enlist a fashion-savvy pal to help? You may not have a bestie with the cutting-edge style of Libra actor/writer/rapper Donald Glover (Childish Gambino), but just about any Libra friend (or friend with a Libra moon or Venus in their natal chart) will offer valuable, kindly delivered advice.

Libra knows best: When you look good, you feel good and you can communicate your personality to the world through your individual style. Carry yourself with more confidence and your energy will always attract opportunity.

3. Embrace the art of diplomacy during the 2021 Libra new moon.

As ruler of the zodiac’s seventh house of committed partnerships, Libra is all about perfecting the balance between “me” and “we,” and finding terms that work for everyone.

This doesn’t just apply to individuals. Many important international agreements (including the treaty between Britain and the U.S. that ended the Revolutionary War, and the treaty that restored Japan’s independence after WWII) were signed in September and came into effect during Libra new moons.

Count on the 2021 Libra new moon to gift you with diplomacy, so you can truly step into another person’s shoes to understand their needs. During polarizing political times, it can seem nearly impossible to do this, especially when headlines leave you feeling more upset, enraged and helpless by the hour. How can you move through grief and outrage with grace? It’s possible the Libra new moon can give you more insight—or at least greater determination to put energy into the world to make it a better place for everyone.

Tools that can help you navigate tough negotiations

Created by Libra Marshall Rosenberg, nonviolent communication is a powerful, time-tested method of communication used by everyone from top international diplomats to titans of business to friends and lovers to smooth the path to understanding—in even the most challenging situations.

In less-charged scenarios, the Libra new moon can help you hash things out, be a great listener, and create a win-win wherever you focus your energy. There are your needs, the other person’s needs, and the greater needs of the relationship, which is like a third entity. Lay them all out on the table and assess. Just remember your limits and boundaries. Sometimes, trying to please everyone can mean pleasing no one in the end.

4. Revamp your relationships.

The 2021 Libra new moon offers a cosmic reboot to your relationships. Even single-and-loving-it types may feel a sudden urge to merge—or at least find a little more companionship in their lives. Couples: Lay down your swords and set lovers’ quarrels aside for now. This new moon will support you any time you compromise, cooperate, and co-create. This may require some outside support like a mediator, coach, or couple’s therapist, but finding that middle ground is the name of the game.

Are you effectively sending out signals when you want your partner to pay you some attention? John Gottman, author of The Relationship Cure, did extensive research on what he calls “bids for connection.” These are the verbal and nonverbal cues you send out to your partner to connect and keep the relationship flowing along. Gottman’s research showed that happy couples will place their “bids” up to 100 times in a ten-minute span. According to Gottman, your ability to communicate your desires and needs in a loving way is essential to a healthy relationship.

Also helpful: Read up on attachment theory and discover your attachment style. Do you tend to be anxious, secure, or avoidant? How about the people to whom you gravitate?

You may not end up with a headline-grabbing relationship like Libras Kim Kardashian or Cardi B, but the Libra new moon assures you’ll have the easiest, most pleasant opportunity of the year to make things just a little bit better.

5. Beautify your surroundings.

Libra, the ultimate love goddess and aesthete, prompts you to beautify something now—and even your tiniest, most delicate touch will be seen and appreciated. Cut flowers for your dining room table and bedroom. Invest in a nicer bottle of wine. Buy that amethyst ring from an Etsy vendor. Paint an accent wall in your home. Arrange an eye-pleasing tablescape on your desk.

The 2021 Libra new moon is an optimal time to give your space a thoughtful style overhaul. What can you toss or donate? Why not declutter your closet and hold a clothing/decor/art swap with friends? Need inspiration? Charming Libra organizing guru Marie Kondo is worth a Netflix re-binge for ideas to achieve a less cluttered life.

6. Strike mind-body balance at the 2021 Libra new moon.

Is your mind all over the map? Why not use your body to bring back the balance? Mindfulness practices can really hit the spot anytime you’re seeking a healthy dose of that trademark Libran calm.

Do a few sun salutations or log in to an online class for guidance. Try a few partner yoga poses to help you bring balance back to your body—and become a little bit closer to your boo, too. Or go all out and really dance under the invisible but powerful Libra new moon with your own moves. (Try our meditation for activating the air element during Libra season.)

Whatever you choose, Libra and her ruler Venus practically guarantee you’ll be at your most graceful, charming, and lovely.

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