Meet Ophira of The AstroTwins

The younger twin by four minutes, Ophi might take a more traditional path, but she still likes to break the mold.

bw_ophiHi I’m Ophira—but please call me Ophi, because everyone does. People say I’m the more “serious twin,” and maybe they’re right. I guess that’s what happens when they compare you to your sister. My twin, Tali, is a karaoke queen! She’s not afraid to get up and belt out a power ballad, to try a new trend, or to tell someone exactly what she thinks. Me, I’ll do that stuff, but with a lot more hesitation.

On the other hand, I was the first sister to venture into marriage and motherhood. I’m the stepmom to Clementine (a Leo born in 1999) and the mom of little Cybele, a Libra born October 3, 2010. Being a parent has been quite an adventure for a freedom-loving Sagittarius like me. Fortunately, Cybele is a social Libra, so she comes along with me most places. And Clementine and I both have Scorpio moons, to which I attribute our shared passion for obsessing over whatever we’re into at the moment.

My husband, Jeffrey, is a Dutch-Indonesian Taurus, a more traditional Earth sign quite different from my own. Although I wouldn’t call myself conventional by a long shot, I guess Tali and I take risks in different ways. But once people meet my hyperactive mini-dachshunds, Seymour and Lulu, they see another side of me. These two have super-sized attitudes and they’re not afraid to demand attention or make noise! I can live up to my Sagittarian outspokenness, too—even if it takes a little longer to show.





I got into astrology years ago, while working at a computer lab. My co-worker gave me a free piece of software called Cosmic Portrait that cast people’s birth charts. I started charting all my friends and looking up descriptions in a pocket astrology guide—and I was amazed at the accuracy! The positions of the planets at birth time truly foretell everyone’s challenges and strengths. It’s unbelievable what you can see.


Tali quickly jumped on the bandwagon, and we soon developed a strange talent for memorizing the astrological sign of every celebrity — as well as everyone we meet. I can run into someone on the street whom I haven’t seen in 10 years, not recall their name or how I know them, but say, “You’re a Libra!”


photo_ophispage_04Before starting AstroStyle, Tali and I founded HUES, the first multicultural women’s magazine to hit the national newsstands. We wanted to show the world that beauty was more than skin-deep, and came in many sizes and colors. We published HUES from 1992-1997.

During that time , I saw how much body image affected every girl and woman, myself included. The pressure to fit a pre-set image is so strong, even if beauty standard varies between cultures. I put together a book called Body Outlaws and the award-winning website What do astrology and body image have in common? I’m passionate about self-acceptance, and astrology is another tool that helps people embrace who they are.

I love astrology for the same reasons: it’s a great way to understand yourself and accept others. We’re all unique, even if we’re united by 12 signs or simply being human. My mission is to encourage radical self-acceptance—loving yourself exactly as you are and aren’t—and to help people find their light and leadership. The planet needs us to vibrate at the highest possible frequency, which is love! (Can you hear the Sag hippie in me? I can’t help it…I was born this way!)



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Beloved Seymour (2004-17)

We eternally honor the fierce and feisty spirit of our beloved Seymour the dachshund. A double Aries who was born at the solar eclipse on April 18, 2004, he transitioned to puppy paradise at the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse.

Seymour, you were and will always be our star dog, baby horse and velvet-necked sentry. You are deeply missed, especially by your Sagittarius sidekick and sister Lulu. Thank you for letting us be your people for 13 wonderful years on earth. May you frolic freely over the Rainbow Bridge and keep sending us more amazing signs of your presence. We love you, Seymour!


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