Meet Tali of The AstroTwins

The “wilder twin” (or so they think) who got married at Burning Man, Tali’s never met a karaoke bar she wouldn’t try once.

Tali-DVFI’ve been called the “wild twin” on many an occassion, but appearances can be deceiving. Sure, I might stripe my hair pink and corral friends into private karaoke rooms til’ the wee hours of the morn, but hey, I’ve got a grounded side to me too. I like to keep my head in the stars and my feet on planet Earth. While half of me thinks life is just a wacky illusion designed to advance our souls to the next level of the karmic journey, the other half of me loves to explore the material plane. Making things by hand, gardening, turning vintage treasures  into shabby-chic home decor…I can’t get enough of it!

One of my personal missions is to be someone who can walk her talk in every area of life. If I’m going to dish out relationship, health, career, or money advice, I need to be actively engaged in growing and learning in these areas of my own life. Maybe it’s the Sagittarius Sun that craves naked truth. The disclipined Capricorn rising and intense Scorpio moon certainly help me stay focused. Sometimes, I get a little too hard on myself (I’m an ENFP). I’d love to live a life of complete transparency, and use my own journey as an inspiring example for how other people can find fulfillment in truth and honor. I’m not sure if I’ll get there but hey, I’m working on it!Tali-Yellowdress

After eleven years of living a Carrie Bradshaw-like existence (“Stars in the City?”) in New York, NY, my Macbook pro and I packed up and moved to Seattle in the name of love. And of course, my trusty mini dachshund Wendell came along for the ride. My husband Cory is a fellow fire sign–he’s an Aries and I’m a Sagittarius. No surprise, we met at Burning Man and got married there in a 40 foot, glowing “egg dome” made from white parachutes, PVC pipe, and a whole lotta sparkly things. These pictures from our annual “Burns” crack me up: it’s like Tank Girl meets Rambo…or Ram Boy (harharhar).



At our wedding, it only seemed appropriate to be “given away” by my twin sister Ophi. As twins, we’ve practically been married our entire lives, sharing everything from a childhood bank account to our obsession with charting the stars. I hop regularly between Seattle and NYC now (a very yin-to-yang journey, I must say). While the cities definitely move at different paces, my fire sign home life with Cory burns brightly with creativity. He’s as obsessed with old school Polaroids as I am with looking up friends’ and celebrities’ moon signs. In 2012, he opened up as shop called Rare Medium dedicated to hand-restoring original Polaroid cameras and selling instant film cameras and accessories.   Our younger sister Leora is also dedicated to empowering women through media and events. Her Goddess On The Go workshops are the ultimate sampler platter to all the incredible transformational programs that women have been developing for mind, body and soul. I’m a proud and happy aunt to three nieces whose names all begin with C: Clementine and Cybele (Ophi) and Cariel (Leora). I love being the one who gets to swoop in to take them on fun adventures and help them cultivate their creativity along the way.



As a seventh grader in Detroit, I scored a paper route. Before making my daily deliveries, I’d always sneak a peek at a few sections. First, I’d read the advice column by identical twin Dear Abby, then I’d look up my daily horoscope. Who knew that was a prediction of things to come?

While in my undergrad at The University of Michigan, my sister Ophi handed me a 20-page printout with my birth chart on it, I was like, “What?! How can anyone really know this about me?” It totally nailed me and I wanted to know why. So I started doing everyone’s chart who would let me. I started seeing patterns among signs and planetary placements. I noticed trends among celebs who shared signs. (For example, many of the chart-topping, soul singing divas are Aries: Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin…)

Over a decade later, I’m officially obsessed. I’ve sat face-to-face with celebs like Stevie Wonder and Avril Lavigne and talked about the stars with them. They say you’ve found your true career path when you enjoy doing something so much that you’d do it for free. That’s how I feel about astrology. It’s endlessly fascinating to me and I always wind up talking about it with people. And though it’s not a rock-hard science, on some mystical, intuitive level, I’ve become a believer. Who woulda guessed? Now, our mom (who is a Rabbi) and our Israeli dad, regularly talk stars with us. They’re both fire signs–a Leo and a Sag, together 40 years–so we’re blessed to have parents who honor our creativity.


  • Walking around NYC’s up-and-coming neighborhoods and basking in the creativity of the city’s entrepreneurs
  • Road trips (with dachshunds on lap)
  • Reconnecting with nature, earthy spirituality, and my latent hippie chick tendencies: I grow my own kale, onions, basil and tomatoes every year
  • 11:11 and all repeating numbers. I see them daily and even have “eleven eleven” tattooed on my right forearm
  • Singing karaoke and getting friends to open up and belt out a tune for the first time
  • Leading our Become Your Own Astrologer retreats in Tulum, Mexico
  • DIY fashion, interior decorating, and the challenge of turning cluttered rooms into Zenlike spaces
  • Art, graphics and web design
  • Watching and supporting my friends as they start their own businesses
  • The color pink has overtaken: especially pink peonies, cherry blossoms and Seattle’s other spring blooms
  • Seeing Mt. Ranier on a sunny Seattle day
  • Expanding my view on life through transformational classes and experiences.



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